A World Without Computer

Topics: Personal computer, Computer Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: May 31, 2011
A world without computer
This is a world without computers.
I have once believed that the world would not change much because I’m not interested in computers at all, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. When I got up early in the morning, I found the sun still shining in the sky, the streets were still congested with cars. “ Oh, I have said that, nothing will happen!” I murmured to myself. On my way to my school, everything was going in order.“Ha!It,s peculiar that there are still a lot of people living on computers while I cannot find the change they have brought to the society, you see, nothing changed at all!” A few minutes later, I arrived at the school safe and sound. “Oh!”I was surprised by the new utensil in my familiar classroom when I took the first pave into the classroom. The place where the big computer in our classroom should have been is now put a new blackboard in. And the teacher stepped into the classroom with a thick pile of books instead of a laptop. “Oh, yes.”I began to realize that the computers have disappeared in our life. At 12 o,clock, when I finished my lunch ,I walked into the library as usual to go to translate the English book with a PC .To my surprise, I found several students looking up some words from the dictionary .They were sitting on wooden chairs in the room where computers used to be placed in. “God!”I uttered,“ I will come to know it soon.” After spending the whole computerless day in the school, I went home with the feeling of something’s lose. I was not surprised to see the empty table where the computer had been putting for so long a time .when I entered my room, suddenly I realized that I should hand in some paper about the physic experiments. Soon, I was in a dreadful mass. For piles of books were placed in front of me, and I was buring my head into the paper. I was obliged to check it up all the books I had. Because I couldn’t click the mouse and browse through the ?any...
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