A Midwives Tale Essay

Topics: Surveying, Geodesy, Global Positioning System Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Brandon Honaker
4/11/13 6th period A Midwife’s Tale Essay

Land surveying has been around for years and it is still used today. What is land surveying, you may ask? Land surveying happens when someone wants to buy land. Land surveyors will come out and inspect the land to make sure the land is ready to be sold. Some land surveying tools are a compass and a wheel. Today’s tools include a GPS and a few wooden sticks with tags/flags on them. Land surveying in the 1800’s was not easy because of the lack of accuracy of tools they had. Land surveying was life threatening also in the 1800’s because of wild Indians in that may be on the land. If a group of Indians ransacked you in the middle of the night, your surveying tools would be broken, and you might be robbed or killed. With today’s technology land surveyors would not have to spend an entire day and night surveying an area of land. Modern day technology allows surveyors to be very accurate and precise with their GPS and wooden stakes Land surveying in the 1800’s did not include cameras or a GPS, because of the lack of technology it was extremely hard for the surveyors to have accurate results. With the tools we have today we can have extreme accurate results because of our computers and cameras and even notepads. In the 1800’s it might take a day or two just to survey some land because of their lack of technology and in-accurate compasses. Today’s surveying might take up to 1-3 hours depending on the land. If you were a land surveyor you would have to pack clothes, firewood, a weapon, an axe, and food because of wild Indians and the lack of technology. Surveyors in the 1800’s have...
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