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Topics: Project management, Management, Program Evaluation and Review Technique Pages: 7 (1844 words) Published: April 29, 2013
This report examines a project involving moving a boiler and redecoration of a bedroom. It details the plans and budget for the project, and how the concepts of time-management, task performance and motivation will be applied to assist in the implementation of it. This report concludes that the project is feasible and within budget, and that the aforementioned concepts will significantly improve the outcome of the task.  CONTENTS

1. Introduction4
2. The Project4
2.1 Feasibility4
2.2 Project plan5
2.3 Budgeting8
3. Project implementation9
3.1 Time-management10
3.2 Managing task performance10
3.3 Motivation11
4. Conclusion12
5. References12

1. Introduction

This report details how I am going to manage a home renovation project, and how I have planned it. I will also discuss the three key management ideas of time-management, managing task performance and motivation, and how I aim to use these to help the project run smoothly.

2. The Project

The third bedroom in my house is tiny and I need to increase the size to allow me to fit a set of bunk beds into it. There is a cupboard in it which houses the central heating boiler and I realised that by moving the boiler and ripping the cupboard out, an extra two square metres of floor space would be created.

2.1. Feasibility

The three main concerns I had when considering whether this project could go ahead were:
(a) was it possible to move the boiler,
(b) Where could I move it to,
(c) How much would it cost?
After consultation with a gas-fitter, it was clear that the boiler could easily be moved into the loft. However, it would cost £750.00 to move it, and as 10% of boilers fail after being moved, I would have to be prepared for an extra cost of £620.00 should that happen. As this was more than the £1000 I had saved up, I decided to put the project on hold until February, while I saved up the extra money required.

2.2 Project plan

The major task in this project is to move the boiler. This requires the room to be cleared out, the cupboard to be ripped out, and a power supply fitted in the loft. After that the room will need complete redecoration. As my partner is a painter, he can do a lot of the work himself, with me helping as well. However, we need a registered gas-fitter and electrician to carry out the plumbing and electrical work. Time is also a major factor in this project, as my son will have to sleep on the floor as works are carried out.

Table 1 Detailed plan for my project
ActivityDependent tasksDurationResource
1Order materials and furniturenone1 dayme
2Clear roomnone½ dayme
3Rip out cupboard and wall2½ dayme & partner
4Power supply to loftnone½ dayelectrician
5Move boiler into loft2,3,41 ½ daysgas fitter
6Reboard ceiling and wall1,2,3,51 daypartner, plasterboard, screws, scrim 7Redecorate room1,2,3,5,61.5 dayspartner
8Build bunkbeds and other flatpack furniture1,2,3,5,6,7½ daypartner, me, flatpack furniture 9Hang curtains, make beds, put toys, clothes etc. back into room1,2,3,5,6,7,8½ dayme

The Gantt chart below identifies who is doing each task and the time, in days, each task will take to do. As can be seen it will take 9 days to do the job

Figure 1 Gantt chart to show my project plan
1 Order materials & flatpacks
2 Clear room
3 Rip out cupboard and wall
4 Power supply into loft
5 Move boiler into loft
6 Reboard walls and ceiling
7 Redecorate room
8 Build furniture
9 Put toys and clothes back

Key Me and partner
Gas fitter

The critical path analysis, shown in Figure 2 below, shows that any delay between tasks 2 and 8 will delay the project. I do have a degree of flexibility with...

References: Cameron S. and Bridge K. (2012) Understanding management, Milton Keynes, The Open University.
EMA Task 2
1. Writing skills is the area which I feel has improved most during this module. When I first started this module, I hadn’t written an essay since my school days, and I was really out of practise with writing. I found TMA 01 very difficult as I struggled with putting my thoughts down on paper. Reflective writing, exercises in the text book, and feedback from my tutor, has really helped me regain my confidence with essay writing.
2. An example of one of my learning strengths is my note taking. I use a number of different methods including highlighting relevant points in the text, notes on the pages, and linear note taking. Good note taking has made it easier for me to complete the assignments.
My main weakness is not planning my study time effectively. I thought that I would be able to study at night, but I was too tired by then to do any effective work. I ended up getting behind with my studies.
3. I aim to create a study area in my bedroom, where I can work during the day, undisturbed by the family, and make a study schedule to help keep me on time with my study.
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