Write an Explanation by Ralph to His Wife One Week After Bruno's Death

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Topic: Write an explanation by Ralph to his wife one week after Bruno’s death.

Purpose and audience: The purpose I had in mind while writing this piece was to discover the extent of Ralph’s thoughts and perspective and to put myself directly into his shoes. However, I also wanted to explore a different outlook on the situation, which is why I chose to write from Elsa’s point of view. I hope I was able to convey an interesting interpretation of this topic. My audience includes anyone who has read or seen The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.


Time seems to fly away on the wings of time but sadness seems to stand still and turn into ice. Which isn’t fair at all. Everything he had ever bought and touched and laid his hands on screamed out his name like never before. I want so badly to erase the misery of bitter sorrow that is consuming me steadily, but I cannot and I must not. I pick up the tattered envelope on the mantelpiece and gaze at the letters of my name which are spelt out in ragged handwriting. Heavy clouds of rain let loose a tremendous storm as I peel the flap up. I slide out the contents with my shaky fingers and before I know, the clear crystal drops of rain fall from my eyes.

Dearest Elsa,

You do not realise how agonizing it is for me to write this letter. The thoughts that run through my mind because of your absence feel so terrible and wrong and has made everything I have ever had a passion for translate into gloom. With every glance at your picture, the pain within me magnifies until it can magnify no more. Staring into your confident eyes has made me realise that I rely more on you than you rely on me, especially now that Bruno isn’t here to sweeten up the bitterness of my long and consuming days.

The seedlings of the proposals we made together and planted in the fields seem to have withered away. l do not understand how our perfect situation turned into such a mess. It seemed as though nothing really had the ability to dint...
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