Work Life Conflict

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Chapter I: Introduction

Work-life balance is a concept that supports the efforts of employees to split their time and energy between work and the other important aspects of their lives. It is a daily effort to make time for family, friends, community participation, spirituality, personal growth, self-care, and other personal activities, in addition to the demands of the workplace. Work-life balance will vary for each person and will change throughout life.

It is a flexible working arrangement that allows both parents and non-parents to avail of working arrangement that provide balance between work and personal responsibility. Work-life balance is assisted by employers who institute policies, procedures, actions, and expectations that enable employees to easily pursue more balanced lives. Drew, Humphreys and Murphy point out that “personal fulfillment is important inside work and satisfaction at outside work enhances contribution to work.”Work-life balance is about creating and maintaining supportive and healthy work environments, which will enable employees to have balance between work and personal responsibilities and thus strengthen employee loyalty and productivity. 

The pursuit of work-life balance reduces the stress that employees experience. When they spend the majority of their days on work-related activities and feel as if they are neglecting the other important components of their lives, stress and unhappiness result. Work-life balance enables employees to feel as if they are paying attention to all the important aspects of their lives. Long work hours and highly stressful jobs not only hamper employees’ ability to harmonize work and family life but also are associated with health risks, such as increased smoking and alcohol consumption, weight gain and depression. Work life conflict has been associated with numerous physical and mental health implications. 

In the current economic environment, work life balance now ranks as one of the most important workplace attributes. Because, many employees experience a personal, professional, and monetary need to achieve, work-life balance is challenging. Employers can assist employees to experience work-life balance by offering opportunities such as flexible work schedules, paid time off (PTO) policies, responsible time and communication expectations, and company-sponsored family events and activities. The general aim of these policies is to strike a balance between employment and domestic commitment that is equitable and beneficial to both employer and employee.

Work life balance plays a huge role in determining whether a person will reach career advancement. Today’s workers have many competing responsibilities such as work, children, housework, volunteering, spouse and elderly parent care and this places stress on individuals, families and the communities in which they reside. Work-life conflict is a serious problem that impacts workers, their employers and communities. 

Work life balance is the separation between work life and personal life. It is the boundary that one creates between profession, career, or business and every other segment that makes up their life. Work-life balance is not about the amount of time one spend working vs. not-working. It’s more about how one spend their time working and relaxing, recognizing that what they do in one fuels energy for the other.

Chapter II: Analysis

Study of Work Life Balance in Different Countries:
The article "Multiple Role Occupancy in Midlife: Balancing Work and Family Life in Britain" by Maria Evandrou, Karen Glaser and Ursula Henz is based on secondary analysis of the British Family and Working lives Survey (FWLS). The FWLS comprises a nationally representative sample of 9,139 British individuals aged 16–69 years, interviewed in 1994–1995 (King & Murray, 1996). This research focuses on the prevalence of multiple work and family responsibilities among middle-aged individuals in cross-section...
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