Values Orientation of Senior Nursing Students of a State University in Iloilo City, Philippines

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Chapter 1
Introduction of the Study
This chapter consists of five parts namely: (1) Background and Theoretical Framework of the Study, (2) Statement of the Problem and the Hypothesis, (3) Significance of the Study, (4) Definition of Terms and (5) Delimitation of the Study.

Background of the Study and Theoretical Framework

Since early times, the nursing profession has evolved in response to the changing needs of society. Globalization has altered the structure of the society which resulted to the emergence of new nursing habits, standards, customs, values and knowledge in response to the health of the population. Nursing education has been grounded in research associated with value orientation and a professional standard of practice. Therapeutic nursing interventions are supported by the middle range theories and accompanying research and a culmination of how the world views the profession and nursing practice.

Nursing theorists through time had improved the standards of nurses and health care delivery and also the expectation that care should be based on compassion, observation, and knowledge. Florence Nightingale, considered as the founder of modern nursing, specifically defined the nature of nursing clearly as distinct and not subservient to medicine, as a calling, as an art and science requiring specific education. Humanity has considered nurses to be ‘the most trusted people’ because the values of confidentiality and privacy have long been rooted. Nurses are also expected to emanate the values of humanism and holism that have long been integrated in the foundation of nursing.

Values are standards or qualities considered worthwhile and desirable. Values are also closely tied to the self since they act as guiding principles in one’s life and motivate and guide behaviour to the degree those values are important to the self (Hitlin, 2003; Hitlin & Piliavin, 2004; Verplanken & Holland, 2002). A person’s value system is composed of broad beliefs developed through early learning, upbringing and socialization within the family and later at school, with peers and through life experiences and work. The cultural context in which this develops is also very important. Attitudes are underpinned by values, which are broad and less specific than attitude. Values underpin an individual’s ‘philosophy of life’ which is then applied to everyday life. They may relate to moral, ethical or religious issues as well as health, gender roles, family life and environment (Emerson, 2007). In the nursing profession, nurses are sometimes faced with ethico-moral and legal issues that may question their own beliefs and values. Also, they are expected to preserve the values and prestige that have been set by earlier nursing models. Today’s nursing students are considered as the future’s nurses. It is embedded in the core values of nursing education the right attitude of a professional nurse. The reality is that the nursing faculty are the gatekeepers of the profession and they retain the ultimate responsibility for determining whether students are competent to graduate and enter the profession. According to the study of Belo (1997), significant differences in values orientation were noted between nurse-educators. The older nurse-educators classified according to age and work assignment. The older nurse educators showed to show more preference to personal competence values than the younger nurse educators. Factors such as age, work assignment and family responsibility were found to significantly predict values orientation among nurse educators. Nursing educators serve as role models to nursing students and must therefore impart the proper values needed in order for them to become better nurses in the future. Through the identification of the set of values to which nursing students live by significantly predicts reasons for student’s behaviour,...
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