Use of Computer Systems

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Computer systems are a very important part of our world today and are seen almost anywhere. It has got to that stage where computer systems are a part of pretty much all we do. In this same sense, anybody who has no computer knowledge whatsoever would be regarded as an illiterate in full years to come and with this regard; we can say that not having any knowledge of computers is like not attending a school at all. This article explains how and where computer systems are important to our lives and different sectors or environments.


Computer systems are being used nowadays in different and dynamic areas which include Banking, industry, Education, Business, Home, Networking, games etc. Banking:

Computer systems play a major role in banking systems because even without being a computer literate or genius, a person can easily spot that computers are important in this sector because once a person steps into a banking environment, computers are seen everywhere. But to be specific, computers are used for various tasks in the banking sector. a. The transaction task: personal computers are the best for these kinds of job because they are used to record simple transactions that involve sending out and receiving money. These tasks don’t require any big or super computers because even a little calculator can calculate. Personal desktop computers are mostly preferred and required because they are used to record these transactions as well as storing them on an online server database. b. Administrative tasks: the computer plays a major role here by being used to manage offline databases that contain human resource information that include number of staff, health benefits, salary, age, and sometimes being used to generate salary pay cheques unlike the old ways which included filing paper documents which is harder and slower to locate when needed. c....
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