Tribal Ressetlement

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NRD Assignment
Displacement, rehabilitation and resettlement of tribal from India’s protected areas

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Problem Statement:1
Relevance/ Rationale:1

Problem Statement:
To identify the issues related to displacement, rehabilitation and resettlement of tribals from India’s protected areas. Relevance/ Rationale:
Conflicting claims over natural resources have always been there, whether between man and other species, or among men. With the advent of industrialization and the burgeoning population, the forests of India are faced with immense pressure, which transfers to its inhabitants, both human and wild. To safeguard the dimming biodiversity of India, Protected areas have been made, and many tribal who reside in these areas are relocated to areas outside the parks. The tribal have been living in forest and mountainous regions, with in the close proximity of nature. The economy of the tribal has been primarily hunting-foraging and shifting cultivation. More than 90% of the tribal, to a large extant depend on forests and forests resources for their livelihood. The scheduled tribes have been facing many socio-economic and psychological problems since historical times. The forest laws have curtailed the free movement of tribal in forest regions. The tribal rights on the forest lands have severely affected. Shifting cultivation (Konda Podu) has been regulated by restrictions on the use of forests. Use of Minor Forest Produces (MFPs) by tribal has been reduced to a large extent. Exploitation by money lenders and contractors, problems of credit and market for Minor Forest Produces (MFPs), poverty, hunger, malnutrition and impoverishment are the important evils, which the tribal have been facing since long time (Misra, 2000). Land alienation and displacement are the major problems, which have been haunting, most of the tribal groups. Most of the tribal groups have...

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