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It is forbidden!

Excuse me, madam, it is forbidden
smoking in the restaurant.
- Where Can I smoke then?
- You can smoke on the terrace.
- On the terrace? Then that! No thank you!
- Madam, please! Do not smoke here

I'd like a room, please.
For one person.
- For a person ... Agree.
Give me your passport, please ...
Ah! You have a dog?
- I'm sorry, sir, but you
can not take your dog with you
in the room.
- But how? !

Excuse me, ma'am, you can not
use your laptop.
- What do you mean I can not! But I
phone to my son! This is very important!
- No, ma'am, I'm sorry. It is not
possible. You can not call in
the aircraft. Call him at the airport upon arrival.

Where are they?
Listen to the dialogues and tell where
different people.
What they can not do?
Listen again and say that people
can not do.
Dialogue 1: It can not
Dialogue 2: It can not
Dialogue 3: It can not

And here?
Identify what you can do or not do
in the following locations.
In one film.
2 In the classroom.
3 At the restaurant.

What is allowed?
Observe the drawings. Ask your neighbor (s)
what we can do or not do. Several answers
are possible.
Example: Is it possible to enter?
No, you can not enter / he is forbidden to enter /
it is not allowed to enter here. / Do not enter.

What do they say?
Complete the sentences with I, you, he, we, you or
1 Patrick, tell the time of appointment with
Mr. Chen, please.
2 No, you're not good in this sweater! Take one
other color!
3 Lucie! Anna! For 20 €. Go, buy a CD.
4 Sophie arrives! Show your photos in Spain.
5 No, we do not take the subway.
Call a taxi.
6 They love Italian cuisine: pastas do.

• Ask, and refuse to
- Where can I smoke?
- You can smoke on the terrace.
- You can not take your dog.
• Express prohibitions
- It is forbidden to smoke.
- You can not call the plane.
- It is not possible.
- Do not smoke!

Oppose [f] and [3]
Say if you hear [J] or [3].
She has one choice. 5
2 They are home. 6
3 J (e) Can l (e). 7
It is light.
J (e) do not know.
It is not joy!
4 J (e) want to leave. 8 J (e) take the train.

Small Ads

You are a H or F between 25 and 35 years, smiling (e)
and dynamic. You want to work with clients
French and foreign. You can speak English,
Spanish and Italian. You can work sometimes
We seek a (an) receptionist.
Contact Mrs. Davoust
Hotel Museum
56, Promenade des Anglais
06200 Nice
04 93 75 28 39

Seeks F r v a t he
1 Read the ad. Answer the questions.
What a mean H and F?
b What are the qualities required for this job?
2 Listen to the dialogue. Answer the questions. c, Mo
a How many people speak?
b Who are these people?
c What are the strengths and weaknesses
the person for this job?

Power, or want to know?

Complete the sentences with one of these three verbs.
1 She speak German?
2 You put this letter in the mail?
3-You go to the movies tonight?
- Ah! yes, it is a good idea.
4 - They come to the party on Saturday?
- No, it is not possible.
5 No problem, we answer the phone.
What to do?
What to do in the following situations?
Example: You want to go to the theater.
• + must reserve seats.
1 You want to book a hotel room in Paris.
2 Want to learn Italian.
3 Want to get train schedules to Nice.
4 You want to buy an apartment.
They will do.
Say what they will do, as in the example.
Example: - Mathilde went to the post office?
- No, but it will go.
1 You have lunch?
2 II came to you?
3 They left yesterday?
4 You went to this restaurant?
She got five?
6 They walked this morning?

5 Course particular
Listen and answer the questions.
1 What is the problem child?
2 How many hours of the woman she wants
for his daughter?
3 When the student can come?
E n t e r t i in
Read the ad. Play with your neighbor (s)
maintenance between the restaurant manager and / the
candidate (s).
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