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A tourist friendly destination is a concept that gives satisfaction to tourists through contact and the maximum utilization dimensions of space, activities, and products; without any interruptions or problems. Accordingly, this study aims to describe the tourism policy and strategies in national and state contexts, to determine the inherent direction and prospects or potential in the tourism development of Kuala Lumpur as a tourist-friendly destination. The results show that some aspects need to be emphasized and have similarities in each of policies and strategies at the national and state level. This shows that policies made at national level could be followed at state level, so that each line of tourism development planning should be as planned. However, there is currently no planning policy at a national level, only at a state level. This shows that the policy at state level will continue with added value, made from reforms in accordance with the current situation and the existing physical characteristics, not run away with the principle of a planned policy at national level. Accordingly, in Kuala Lumpur, no problems or obstacles exist to planned, managed and developed, through the concept of being a Tourist Friendly City, where it is in line with the requirements of tourism development policies and strategies of national and state levels. Keywords: national and state levels, tourism development strategy, tourism policy, tourist friendly destination 1. Introduction

Tourism is one of the largest and most important industries today. It developed after the decline of manufacturing and several other industries, which were previously monopolized by the world's economic and social system (Iversen & Wren, 1998; Mc Intosh, Goeldner & Ritchie, 2000; Mohamed, 2005). With development, tourism destinations should be more creative and unique, in order to produce a competitive tourism destination (Anuar et al., 2012a). Hence the introduction of a tourist friendly destination concept is seen as being capable of promoting tourism destinations to tourists as a customer-oriented concept (Anuar et al., 2012b). This concept is needed to ensure supply in the tourism industry and to consistently meet the demands of tourists. In Malaysia, to realize that tourism can contribute to the progress of the country and play a role in its economic and social development, the Malaysian government began to take a positive approach to developing the tourism industry more seriously. Development of the tourism industry in Malaysia can be seen through increased physical developments, such as infrastructure, facilities, marketing and promotion (Anuar et al., 2012c). Malaysia's seriousness about the tourism industry is reflected in the planning and tourism development in the Malaysia Five-Year Plan (MP), starting at MP1 to MP10; supplemented with National Tourism Policy (NTP) and the latest is Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) at national level. In addition, to see Kuala Lumpur as the center of attraction, as well as as an urban tourism promotion in Malaysia’s tourism industry, Kuala Lumpur was chosen as a case study. Thus, the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Policy, Tourism Development Strategy of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020, and Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020, are seen as the basis for policy and strategy for tourism developments at state level. Even though Kuala Lumpur is seen as a catalyst to the development of the tourism industry, increasing revenue and generating higher returns through higher-dimensional space; activities and products in the tourism industry have further transformed Malaysia's tourism industry from a low yield to high yield. Accordingly, this study describes the development of Malaysia’s tourism planning policy at national and state levels, and aims to determine the existing and potential direction and prospects that may exist, in determining the formation and development of a tourist friendly...
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