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Resort Operation Orientation|
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Peer Review3
Organizational Chart5
Job description10

Peer Review
University of the South Pacific
School of Tourism & Hospitality Management
TS108: Individual Contribution to Group Assignment
Semester 1, 2011

This form is to be completed by each group for assignment 2
It is important that you discuss this as a group so that it is relevant, reflect effort, contribution in meeting assignment work and time schedule. This must be filled and attached to your work for submission. This is incorporated to our work to establish accountability and highlight the necessity and importance of the individual in a team environment. Please exercise caution and fairness in your completion of this requirement. The percentage you allocate per peer will then be used to calculate the mark per individual in your group. Individual’s Name| % of contribution| Date/ Signature & Remarks| Clay Blair| 95%| Clay E. Blair 5/21/2012|

Taufusi Taitai| 0%| Never present|
Kuata Teoni| 0%| Never present|
Samuela Tagicakbau| 90%| Samuela Tagicakibau 1/6/2012|
Group Name| Demi Tasse|
Each individual must sign to his/ her name in the table above or, one from the group can do so on your colleague’s behalf This form must be correctly filled and attached to your soft copy

Omni Bedford Springs Resort
Business Brief The Omni Bedford Springs Resort is located at 2138 Business Route 220 Bedford, Pennsylvania United States. The resorts main accommodations include, resort lodging, dining, spa treatments, events and golfing. According to , The Omni Bedford Spring Resorts holds a star rating of four out of five. As well as rated the best hotel in the Bedford Pennsylvania area. Although the resort is a privately owned estate, the Omni franchise runs the operation of the resort through a management contract. The Omni Bedford Springs has collected well over 500 reviews alone from . With 302 of those reviews rating them as excellent and among these reviews several guest commented they enjoyed the fine dining, the quiet area, the beautiful scenery and the well maintained historic aspects of the resort. But not all guests have felt this way as 23 guest rated the hotel as poor and 10 listing the resort as terrible. These guests commented that their information for rooms, discounts and services had been misplaced or lost, the noise from events such as weddings and miscommunications between departments for package deals.

Organizational Chart
Assignment Tasks
1. After looking through the vast amount of data from the Omni Bedford Springs, our group compiled a list of products that the resort offers its guest. They are Hotel Rooms (Fg 1.), Golf, Restaurant/ In Room Dinning/ Meal Service (Fg 2.), Spa Services (Fg 3.), Swimming Pool (Fg 4.), Hotel Merchindice (Fg. 5), Wedding/ Meeting/ Function Services (Fg. 6), Gym Service (Fg.7) and Golf (Fg. 8). Product Chart

Fg. 1

Fg. 8
Fg. 5

Fg. 3
Fg. 2

Fg. 7
Fg. 6
Fg. 4

This is a very big department which is allocated with various jobs that requires the promoting and marketing of the resorts products and services. The main product of this department is the resort itself whereby the tourists and travelers will only be attracted to the resort depending on how it is being marketed and. in order to maintain this they have to beautify and modern technology so that tourist will enjoy and also be satisfied with the resorts information that has provided on webs, magazines, etc. ACCOUNTS

This department holds a...

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