Theory on Literacy

Topics: Jean Piaget, Reading, Theory Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Literacy is not simply reading. Literacy is reading and writing, most commonly. There are other types of literacy, such as oracy (expressing and understanding spoken language, computer literacy, cultural literacy (ideas and ideals from past cultures that defined and shaped today’s society), and a variety of others. Literacy is a tool. It is the way you learn about the world and how you can participate in society. Literacy is a requirement to interact in the modern society of America, as well as many other countries. The understanding of literacy, and the different theories about literacy have changed and developed over time. There are four present learning theories that most people believe. They are constructivist, interactive, sociolinguistic, and reader response. As with anything, there are other theories; but these are the main ones that I am going to focus on. A generation ago it was believed that students learn to read through a series of discrete, sequenced skills. Students were grouped into groups based upon their development, then given vocabulary words and flash cards. Once the children mastered those they would read simplistic stories that used the new vocabulary words, as well as phonetic principles and other skills. Reading out loud would be done in order around a circle. Teachers corrected words, and drilled students on their skills. Jean Piaget followed the constructivist theory. Piaget stated that learning is the modification of a student’s schematas. Schematas are the structures in the brain that are used to organize things; like filing cabinets. Schemata organize information by attaching it to prior knowledge. Due to how schemata work, it is important to connect learning experiences to other ones, and draw upon any previous experiences of the person you are trying to teach something to. Children are active andmotivated thinkers. They enjoy learning and thinking about new ideas. Interactive theories focus on what a person does while reading. The...
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