The Impact Of Vietnam War On American Culture 2

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Impact of the Vietnam War on American culture
Evalyne Nyangau
DeVry University
Professor Martin O’Connor
HUMN 303 Introduction to humanities

1 Introduction and Thesis Statement
In the year 1960 America experienced several changes in culture. A civil activist Martin Luther King Jr, delivered his famous speech, “I have a dream”. During this time the African Americans were seeking for peace, freedom and equality, at the same time America was in the Vietnam War fighting to end communism. The African Americans were among the soldiers deploy to combat zones in Vietnam, it was coincidental that the Vietnam War era occurred at the same time with the human civil rights movement. The African Americans at war believed in fighting for democracy overs eases would bring civil rights back home. Events that led to change

In January 1961, John F. Kennedy become the President of the United States of America. With President Kennedy in office people believed the golden age era had begun. However towards the end of the 1960’s the nation seemed to be falling apart? Kennedy was assassinated Lyndon B. Johnson was the new President (, n.d.) Meanwhile Vietnam War continued with support from White House. Several loop holes occurred, President Johnson missed to realize the racial differences amongst Americans fighting in Vietnam. (Gallagher, 2006). Advanced effects

The Domino theory of cold war contained a policy that if one country became communist, surrounding countries would fall in the trap, President Kennedy thought this was true, thus there was a need to save people of south eastern Asia, the only way out was to resist communist aggregation which was going on in Vietnam (Armstrong, 2014). Students and several protesters demonstrated against Americans getting involved in the Vietnam War thousands of young generations supported culture instead of political affairs (Armstrong, 2014). Vietnam Resolution in the advancements

In January 1973, America and N Korea drafted and agreed to a peace agreement, this brought an end to cold wars between this two nations. But the war between the North and South Korea did not end (History, n.d.) The main reason America got involved in the Vietnam War to end communism, promote democracy and end dictatorship. African American soldiers abroad believed if they won democracy abroad same would be applied back home. (Gallagher, 2006.) Several billions of dollars were spent aboard soldiers came back home disrespected the hails of public welcoming them back was not available. Conclusion

United States of America experienced many changes. African Americans fought for equality, peace and freedom. The nation was divided due to involvement of America in Vietnam War. President John F. Kennedy encouraged and pushed for social reform, which was later achieved by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The war changed people’s attitudes Project proposal

The year 1960’s is known as a year when Vietnam War and civil rights escalated. U.S was involved in the war to end communism, which affected the country’s economy, African American were also fighting for civil rights back home at the same time they were deployed to Vietnam to fight against communism. After the media televised violence in Vietnam, America lashed out of the war. The public demonstrated against the government, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, President Lyndon B. John became the President. The famous human rights activist Martin Luther Jr spoke against the war and asked for equals rights. Luther King was assassinated in the sixties. African American equal rights have advanced, America changed permanently after the Vietnam War. The war changed American policies, the world perception of America was affected. All in all Knowledge is power experience is the best teacher.


References: Armstrong, S. (2014) U.S. history. New York: McGraw Hill education.
This book describes how president John Kennedy believed in the Domino theory, covers President Kennedy thought communism was going to be a global problem, he sent out troops to help the French in Vietnam War. It covers the assignation of President Kennedy, Martin Luther king speech of equal human rights. The book also covers how young American started counterculture war of believing in peace and love, young people started protesting through music, sex, drugs. During this time the Woodstock music festival emerged.
Gallagher, B. 2013. The Vietnam WAR AND CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Retrieved from
This article covers President Lyndon B. Johnson involvement in Vietnam War, African American fights against racial discrimination. Martin Luther speech, Legislation passed civil rights Act 1964.Although it takes a lot for societies to start wars, the same wars has profound changes on societies. It could range from loss of lives, property, social influences and society developments.
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