The Great Path of Computer Science

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The Great Path of Computer Science

Computer science is unlike any other career out there, it is immersive, informative, and necessary to power technology throughout the world. The education needed for this field is extremely important and beyond challenging; academics such as mathematics, physics, software development, and programming greatly reflect everything there is to know within this field. Computer science is rapidly changing with technology vastly growing, there has never been a better chance to join. As technology continues to progress, the demand for more computer scientists is exponentially increasing faster than any other career. In addition, computer science is currently among one of the highest-paying fields there is, and with a high demand getting employed will be almost effortless. CS is a fascinating field that is increasing the capabilities of current and future technology. It is undoubtedly helping humanity create new ideas that we could only dream possible. CS is arguably one of the best careers to be in and it will be that way until at least 2020. Computers are used everywhere by endless amount of individuals whether they realize it or not; phones, tablets, gaming consoles, cars, planes, and many other technologies use computers to power basic functions to perform capabilities.As author Lee Edward writes in “Computing Needs Time,” “Most microprocessors are embedded in systems that are not first-and-foremost computer. Rather, these systems are cars, medical devices, instruments, communication systems, industrial robots, toys, and games” (70). But technology does not power itself that is where CS comes it. Scientist work with computers to evolve technology across the globe so that people have a more seamless lifestyle. Apart from small technological feats such as phones and tablets, computer scientists work with many other fields such as education, medicare, aerospace and many others to achieve goals the world thought impossible. Computers are implemented and used as part of everyday life, from checking the weather, booking hotels or airfare, and using GPS systems to bigger aspects of technology such as navigating a plane, and even launching a space shuttle deep into space. We are surrounded by more technology than necessary and we do not even realize it. Without computers we wouldn’t be where we are today. They involve most daily activities of the planet, and we would not be much without them.

Computer science is a misleading term it is not primarily about computer nor science; it rather uses combined aspects of science, math, developing and programming software, and engineering, often using computers (Stroustrup 42). CS is an evolving career using technology in many different sub areas. It is an informative and profitable field that takes on different aspects that include documentation, systematic testing, and others’ application of their code (Stroustrup 40). Creating CS is about taking charge and being the best at what you do. Many other careers are very different from CS, as you start from the bottom in experience and work your way up the latter through on-the-job training. With CS you must start off your career already knowing the savvies of a computer and academic experience relating to that, as there is no on the job training. Partaking in this particular career can be beyond challenging; you must use your intelligence to break the barriers of what you thought possible. Showing initiative is a must CS can be related to a video game in the sense that people want to be the best at what they do. The computer industry wants amazingly talented people who can go above and beyond expectations. As arthor Bjarne Stroustrup writes in “What Should We Teach New Software Developers,” “Industry wants to rely on tried-and-true tools and techniques, but is also addicted to dreams of (silver bullets,) (transformative breakthroughs,) (killer apps,) and so forth” (41). Seeking a career in CS is...

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