The Effects of Computer Technology to Student’s Lifestyle

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Officials Trace Computer Virus In PhilippinesBy SETH MYDANSPublished: May 09, 2 A than a dozen law enforcement agents staged a raid Monday on a Manila apartment from which they said a malicious computer program was unleashed last week, disrupting computer systems around the world. They took one resident into custody and ordered his roommate, a woman, to turn herselfe agents, including two representing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, apparently expected to find the computer from which the attack was launched. A local official, Gil Alnas, said that no computer was found, but that a box containing 17 items including telephones, wires, computer disks and computer magazines was seized. The officials would not say what had led them to the apartment and did not characterize the moves as arrests. And they said the suspects -- reportedly bank employees, both in their 20's -- were not necessarily the creators of the program, which they said could have been the work of anyone using the computer. They said there might be more suspects.

4 February 2011, Makati City - With the theme, "Cybercrime: Impact on Law Enforcement, Industry and Society," the Department of Justice (DOJ) together with Microsoft and other private industry partners, today held the 2nd International Conference on Cybercrime to increase awareness of the emerging threat of cybercrime. The forum began with an assessment of the global and country situation and lead towards a discussion of initiatives. The need for a comprehensive cybercrime law compliant with the Convention on Cybercrime was deemed a priority. The Convention is the first international treaty to address computer and internet crimes through the passage of national legislation, improving investigative techniques and increasing international cooperation. The cybercrime bill will prevent and combat information theft, computer system hacking and even online human trafficking. It will protect individuals and companies from illegal or unauthorized access to their computer systems. The process of retaining and using digital evidence is also a significant feature. "The Department of Justice fully supports the passage of the cybercrime bill to provide a legal framework for crimes committed against computers and computer networks. It is high time the justice system utilize the range of electronic evidence to pin down criminals be it online or in the physical world," said Secretary Leila M. De Lima. DOJ Assistant Secretary Geronimo L. Sy, the focal person for cybercrime cited the need to make the country safe from cyber criminals who operate here given the absence of a special law on computer crimes. "As more people get wired, incidents of cybercrime will increase exponentially as they have in the past several years. Our task is to ensure a safe and secure cyberspace", he added. Together with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT), Zylogix Systems Corporation, Philippines Computer Emergency Response Team (PhCert), and Microsoft Philippines, the Department of Justice is strongly pushing for the pending cybercrime bill. It was passed by the House of Representatives during the 14th Congress but run out of material time. Michael Wilks, Director, Public Safety & National Security, Microsoft Asia Pacific shared how private companies, like Microsoft, recognized the necessity of a law to provide a productive networking and internet experience. "We at Microsoft aim to support the Department of Justice in pushing for the well-studied cybercrime bill", he said. According to a recent study by security software maker Norton entitled "Cybercrime Report: The Human Impact," 65 percent of global internet users have fallen victim to cybercrimes such as computer viruses and identity theft. About 7,000 individuals from 14 countries participated in the study. The conference was attended by: were Sen. Edgardo Angara; Cong. Sigfrido Tinga, Taguig City; Atty. Ivan John Uy, Chairman, Commission on...
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