The Degradation of Education

Topics: Education, Higher education, School Pages: 4 (1710 words) Published: March 16, 2014
The Degradation of Education
What has happened in society, or is happening, that hinders America’s progress on the educational spectrum? In a Dan Rather’s report, Marc Tucker, the president and CEO of the National Center on Education and the Economy stated, “The United States, about twenty years ago, had the best educated workforce in the world” (Interview). Since then we’ve been steadily declining behind up and coming countries as well as that of many middle class countries. Although many believe college is about developing as a human being, it has in actuality become more about appeasing the masses instead of the education gained from it. When the US spends more money on our elementary and secondary educations then all but one other country, how is it that our quality of education is lacking? Well in that same interview with Marc, he states “Our education system was set up over 100 years ago to provide about an eighth grade reading level to the majority population that was going to work in the burgeoning mass production factories and retail sales around the country; and to provide a much higher education for not more than fifteen percent of the people who would be professionals and managers and run the country” (Interview). With that in mind, why is it that with so many working models of how an educational system should work, the US continues to fall behind? Take Singapore for example, their education system is different in almost every facet. Students wake up early in the morning to get to school even though it doesn’t start for quite some time, just to touch on the precious nights assignments. They respect and care for their teachers and principle along with the faculty being well paid. All teachers in Singapore go to the same college to get the same educations and must have degrees in the field that they will be teaching. This is in addition to the fact that unlike the US, teachers are required to be among the top three percent of their class. Then once...

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