The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

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Computers are complex electronic devices, but their four basic operations (IPOS) are simple. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer - (computer orientation) Computers are complex electronic devices, but their four basic operations (IPOS) are simple. Almost all computer processing involves simple operations such as adding two numbers or comparing two numbers to see which is larger. What makes today's computer so valuable is that they're fast and incredibly reliable. Even the least expensive personal computers can perform several million operations per second, and can do so for years without making an error caused by the computer's physical components. Actually, almost all "computer errors" caused by flaws in computer programs or mistakes in the data people supply to computers. Computers change our lifestyle and any type of change is usually met with resistance. This resistance can be attributed to lack of knowledge in computers. We look at computers as an extraordinary machine. It is an electronic device that can accept data according to stored instructions. As a scientific breakthrough, some people fear that computer might dominate the world. Just like any other inventions, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of Computers

1. It can store large amount of facts, instructions, and information. 2. It can process data with accuracy at a very high speed (reaching up to 50 million operations per second). 3. IT can repeat operations in exactly the same way over long period of time. 4. It can check the accuracy of its work.

5. It is capable of executing instructions on its own after the data and program have been fed into its memory. 6. It can perform logical operations.
7. It can communicate with the operator.
Disadvantages of Computers
1. A computer can only perform operations programmed or instructed by a person. 2. It cannot correct wrong instructions by itself.
3. Its capability to perform logical operations depends on the choice prepared...
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