Tefl Course Reflection

Topics: Learning, English language, Lesson plan Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Since I have been teaching English as a foreign/second language for learners of all ages for 18 years, I thought that this course wouldn't add much to me, but I have to admit that I found materials and learned techniques that will help me be a more effective teacher. Throughout the course I found many valuable facts, but perhaps the most valuable one was the module on different teaching methods. It helped me notice the different examples of each method that can be incorporated into the lessons I teach. I found The Natural Approach and The CLT are the most appealing to my sensibilities. Classroom setup is another valuable fact I learnt in this course. It never crossed my mind how classroom setup can positively affect the learning process and can facilitate achieving my aims. Lesson planning module is of no less value. I got to recognize that the PPP format is very valuable and can be applied to each and every lesson plan allowing more STT. This course has many valuable themes and areas of concentration. Over all each of the 17 chapters more or less tried to present a theme which is actually clear and can be identified from the title of the chapter itself and they all serve one major theme; integration of different teaching methods, tools, materials, settings to cater for the different needs of different EFL learners to acquire the 4 skills of the English language in a safe student centered environment to be able to communicate fluently and accurately. The course is clearly outlined. The chapters are well structured following a theoretical as well as practical logical path. The only thing I wished I could have known more about in this course is how to assess my learners and how to give them a correct detailed feedback .A chapter dedicated to such a topic will be very beneficial. Apart from that, everything else is amazing; the website is very easy to use. The pace of the assignments is quite adequate. The reading material, videos, assignment samples and e-...
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