System Analysis Design

Topics: Computer reservations system, Travel agency, Data Pages: 46 (5967 words) Published: October 6, 2014
This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, the objectives of the study with its two type’s general and specific objectives, hypothesis of the study, scope and delimitation of the study, the significance of the study and the definition of terms.

In part of human life, there are occasions that are traditionally being celebrated by people. Occasion’s that serves already part of them like for example birthdays, debut, weddings, reunion, conference and many more. This occasion’s or celebrations represents important for once life but it would be look more astonishing if this bunch of event were be held simple but with glamour and elegance as how the celebrant or the event wanted to see or look forward to by the people who are involve with it. That’s why there are these Organizing Companies who are out in the Market to serve people to make those events look more even better and possible.

World are now getting technologically progressing and there are this Internet’s and gadget’s nor devices make people work easy and faster. This very much useful and helpful for the Companies to advertize their business throughout Internet and serve as advantage for those who are in online businesses especially for those Event’s and Organizing Companies to publish such very accommodating, friendly and unique website for the company but most importantly is how this website work in for your business if how this can serve people to satisfy not just for your business but as well to the costumer who are inquiring to you.

Handling such particular event and organize it is not an easy work it took a lot of effort, time but most importantly the preparation. And well, it will cost you fair enough. Booking are very particular to us, it is also look like a reservation if the customer is willingly wanted to hire you’re company to serve them. But what can make it better if you can do it booking systematically and technologically oriented? Well, there are big differences between manual and systematic approach especially the part of how it works. And that this study serves to look out what can this do to make your Event and Organizing Company productive, demanding and knowingly unique, accommodating but also industrious. And through that we would like to introduce to you the Online Booking System with it’s freely way. Online Booking System can help to keep transactional record of the client orderly and safe, manage it wittily by the person who has the direct access with the system.


Originated on year 2010, Event Avenue is an event organizing company that caters multiple events in any type of, it would be for corporate, debut, wedding and etc. their office located right at Pioneer, General Santos City beside near Rosver. Event Avenue has this virtue “we can work within your budget” will it very true by just your budget it come out to like elegant. By the way, it has three (3) staff working on field and one (1) left in the office. However, they are small in numbers of employee but the company was very rich having the complete equipment for any events that they venture.

Event Avenue was founder by two (2) siblings Jhoanna Jane and Nerisa S. Javier. The sisters live somewhere in Lagao, Generaal Santos City. The sisters were raise by a Christian Family. The Business could be affected having a Christian owner to establish a very trustworthy company to dwell by the customer.

One thing one the Event Avenue they not very particular of the profit they could gain in the business. They believe honest and trustworthy could lead them more into success for just being appreciated by their customer through their hard work. This would be make a difference having a great virtue in them believing things you do right can make an output of righteous also.

The study will be directed towards the end of the result which...
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