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Parvana’s Journey

Chapter 1 Parvana’s father is dead, and the book starts on the funeral. She put rocks on his grave, with some help of a man. And after the funeral he says that she is going home with him and live there with his wife and children. She gets back to the lean-to, where she and her father had lived, and gets her things and follow the man to his house. She lives there in a week, until the oldest girl tells her that the man is going to give her to the Talibans for money. So she has to leave, and gets off to a journey to find her family….

Chapter 2 On her way she sees a woman and asks her if she is alright, what’s her name and where she comes from. But the woman doesn’t answer, she just sits and wail. Then Parvana shouts at her that she has to take care of her because she’s a grownup. But the woman just continues wailing. Then Parvana looks into her eyes and finds that they are dead, there’s no hope left in them. Parvana’s father had told her to stay away from those people, so she leaves the woman behind and continue her jouney.

Chapter 3 Later she finds a village and goes into a house. There she finds a little baby, and his dead mother lying beside him. She takes care of the baby and washes it and feeds it. She takes food from the houses thinking that it’s not stealing; it’s the village helping the baby. And she spends the most time in the least destroyed house. She doesn’t want to leave the village but one day she sees the Talibans in the far distance and runs with the baby and all her stuff. But it’s really heavy, so she has to leave her father’s old books behind. She buries them thinking that now her father has something to read in under the ground.

Chapter 4 One day she finds a cave and goes in to see if it’s empty. But it’s not. A skinny and dirty boy, about ten years old is in the cave. His name is Asif and he is very rude to Parvana and doesn’t let her stay in the cave, so she starts cooking food outside the cave. The boy comes out and she notices that he has just got one leg, and can’t walk. She gives him some food, but he is still rude to her and says mean things to her. But Parvana stay at the cave, and the longer she stays the better friends they get.

Chapter 5 & 6 One day Parvana make up a story about the cave, that it’s a treasure cave. And the more she tells Asif about it, the more she believes it herself. And after a while they start digging after a treasure in the cave. While they dig they talk about what they are going to do with all the jewels they will find and gets excited about it. And then they find a box. But when they open it they find that it’s full of bullets and they both get very disappointed.

Chapter 7 Parvan decides to leave the cave and continue her search for her mother. When she tells Asif he asks her if she wants him to come with her, but she doesn’t answer. But he says that she probably doesn’t want him to come, and because of that he should do it anyway just to annoy her. So they bundle up their things and realize that it’s not much food left. And after a fight between Parvana and Asif when Parvana drops the pot with rice on the ground, they have even less. But they start walking anyway, and don’t look back.

Chapter 8 After days without food they find a village, which is not bombed. There Parvana talks to a very rude man and begs him for some food or maybe a job to get some food or money for. Parvana is the only one of the children who can work, so she gets a job. To clean the henhouse. While she’s cleaning it she finds two eggs that the man had forgotten. She thinks of stealing it, but she doesn’t. She knows it’s wrong because her father told her so, and he wouldn’t be proud if she did it. When she is done she gets food from the man, but only for one person, because she was the only one working. After sharing the food, the children are still hungry, but the man refuses to give them some more food. So when it gets dark Parvana and Asif return to the...
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