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What is education? Is it knowledge, technical skills, discipline, citizenship or something else? Our official education system says only academic basics are important and that is based on acquiring knowledge without understanding its value. Yet, many education institutions do not (better not to use contraction) consider the other issues, like inspiration, creativity, eyeshot, knowledge in our daily life and so on. I believe these skills are associated with understanding the value of knowledge. When student can learn and understand those skills, it can be a successful education. Now I would like to focus on four major factors which contribute to a successful education.

To begin with, policies are the most important factor to influence an education. Therefore, the government should enforce the focus on education of moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects. In my opinion, the government could establish some policies to support education. First, the government could establish some financial scheme to support students who cannot afford the school fees, for example, “Student Finance Scheme” and “Student Loans”. Just like the saying goes “He that travels far knows much”, the government could hold some student exchange programmes. That could enhance students’ eyeshot and they can learn the manners in different countries practically.

Family is also a factor considered in contributing to a successful education. It is the most direct way to contact with children. Therefore, every father and mother should set a good example with their conduct, teaching their children their view on life when the children are small. Educating them a good attitude, behavior and manners is also important. Moreover, parents should pay more attention to children, for example, understanding their condition of learning and their school life. These can increase children’s sense of belonging and mental health.

Apart from the factor of family, school is a...
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