Strengths of Purchasing New Computers

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Upgrading your business' software and hardware is more than just an economic business decision. It is a matter of security, productivity, lower costs, and employee morale. Learning when to upgrade software in your business increases security and reduces costs. Most managers view any investment from a cost / benefit analysis paradigm, weighing the pros and cons of a decision against the investments cost. Such paper and pencil methods of evaluating alternatives neglect some of the “softer” outcomes of investments. When one considers that employee salaries are normally the largest expense in businesses of all sizes, it is worth stopping to consider the impact that upgrading software will have on several areas of employee outcomes. •Technology is dynamic

Computer technology keeps speeding forward at a breakneck pace. Depending on how quickly a manufacturer rolls out new machines, it is evident that a computer purchased late in a given cycle, a newer (and maybe even less expensive) model has already replaced it. New computers are normally superior ie faster speeds and more memory and processing power. 2 years is a long time to have the same hardware and software. Companies that deal with a lot of high tech research and development institutions require advanced technology hence it would be important to upgrade.

Some of the benefits of upgrading to newer computers are:
Accelerated loading of Applications - loading programs faster than ever. •Wider Multi-Tasking (open and use more & more programs together) •Healthy System (lesser Hangs on heavy usage of memory)

Better System Processing Speed
Better System Cache Memory
Faster System Boot.
Faster Net Browsing.
Newer software and more applications- Purchasing of new computers is more than just an economic business decision. It is a matter of security, productivity, lower costs, and employee morale. •Increased Security as a Reason for purchasing new computers The longer a software package has been around and the more popular the software package is, the more the software represents a security risk. Over the useful life of a software package, security holes and the malicious viruses that take advantage of them make a long list of reasons to upgrade to newer and more secure versions of the same software. Typically, more recent versions of software are safer from a security standpoint, guarding against the security issues present in previous versions. Increased security means less downtime for employees who must wait for a security issue to be resolved before continuing with their work. Lost files can take many hours to recover and, in the mean time, ideas and morale can suffer. Upgrading software can be a preventive prescription to disaster caused by impending security issues. •Reduced Costs as a Reason to Upgrade

Outdated hardware and software are more expensive to maintain than newer versions. As companies grow, hardware and software must grow with them to face increasing demands of productivity. Failing software as well as hardware, increases costs by overloading help desk personnel with software related failures. Newer software versions typically reduce or eliminate the problems users faced with previous versions. Failure rates are lower for newer versus older software resulting in fewer service tickets, higher productivity, and lower stress levels experienced by employees. Smoother sailing is the result of investing in software upgrades. With better technology, the business is able to cut its cost of production by ensuring the use of cost effective technology. •Increased Productivity as a Reason for Upgrading

As software and hardware evolve from version to version, it often becomes more streamlined, easier to use, and more intuitive to put to work. Since employee salaries are a major portion of business expenses, upgrading software and hardware is synonymous with investing in employee productivity. For...
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