Stolen Generation

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Stolen Generations, Indigenous peoples Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: August 22, 2013
The Stolen Generation was a time when children, usually half-cast children of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds were taken away from their family’s in-order to assimilate the Indigenous people. The removal and policies were organised by the Aborigines Protection Board, which was formed in 1909. They had the power to remove children without a court order or parental consent and this officially lasted from 1909 to 1969, meaning that some Aboriginal people around the age of 60 have been part of the Stolen Generation. It’s estimated that around 100,000 children were taken away from their families to be raised up in homes or church missions, although the exact amount is unknown due to many of the records being destroyed. Children even babies were taken away, put into institutions to be brought up as labourers or servants, so had little education and taught the European way of life. Which has led to their lost of identity and culture, at the time indigenous people were seen as low level humans, an example of this rejection is recounted by Bill Simon who says, “The white staff who were all ex-army personnel, they used to tell us that our people were no good, they didn’t want us.” It was not until 1997 with the publication of “Bringing them Home” that brought more public awareness to the facts of the Stolen Generation. The report published the facts that the removal of children were highly distressing for the families, most children were mistreated, endured higher rates of sexual abuse, poverty, hardships and missed out on a family life. An example of this is Daniel Forrester who according to his testimony, “During his time at the home, Daniel was sexually abused by this man as well as another man working there (the mission he was staying at)…I said I’ll kill someone if I stay here much longer.” Another example is of Bill Simon who says, “And we were beaten, flogged, molested, everything else but I couldn’t tell anybody because nobody was allowed to come...
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