Statement of Purpose Computer Science

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MS in Computer Science
Your 1st question would be why would this guy want to do MS in Computer Science? I was first introduced to Computer when my brother brought me a laptop. Like all kids, my first application was a game. My 1st question was how did this actually work? I was very fascinated by the graphics and how easily the computer understood my moves. I never knew the man sitting behind the screen is nothing but just a few lines of code. This fascination and curiosity led me to take computers throughout my career. First I learnt basics in high school then I took up 4 years undergraduate degree and now I want to pursue masters to research my childhood dream: What is actually behind the computers? I always had a liking towards mathematics be it getting 96% in 10th standard or getting A+ during 1st year of under graduation. I grew more and more fond for mathematics which in turn reflected in my analytical decisions and reasoning skills. I knew I had to choose computers for my undergraduate degree. I got into xyz college which is among the top ranked institutes for engineering in India. The courses helped me gain a strong background in the fundamentals of Information Science. These were aptly complemented by the laboratory courses. The challenging assignments that were a part of the laboratory courses helped me to develop the required technical and programming skills. I also started taking part in extracurricular activities and organized technical events, which have helped me develop team spirit and good leadership qualities in me. As being part of these great events, taught me to interact with people and taking decisions. As a part of my final year thesis project, in a team of 2, I built a “Wikipedia Search Engine”. We noticed this project on the abc University Computer Science website and were very intrigued by it. We decided to test our knowledge and took up this challenge. The project was aimed at building a search engine which would...
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