Socio economic desirability

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The objective of every business is to earn profit. However, the proposed business is sensitive to corporate social responsibility. This is concerned with the continued growth and improvement of the different parts of the community. Below are the following beneficiaries when the proposed business is executed: ENVIRONMENT

In the implementation of this project, the environment would be one of the beneficiaries. In using recycled papers as the outer layer of the pencil, fewer trees would be cut. Humankind would have the opportunity to replace the trees used for various reasons. Thus there would also be less garbage since used paper would not be treated as such. Rather, it would be treated as a raw material for pencils. As a result, our planet would sustain life much longer. ULTIMATE USERS

The proposed business’s customers would help preserve our environment as well as ensure their safety in using the product. They would have the luxury to use their time for something useful other than getting sick from their stationary materials. PARENTS

As majority of the business market are students, parents would spend less in the product as there would be lower cost in the production of the pencils. They could save more to use on other important expenses and ensure the safety of their children. COMMUNITY

The proposed business would need man power to start off the production and to administer the transactions of the business. Therefore, the business would need to employ people to do the work. This would improve the standard of living for the employees. GOVERNMENT

The implementation of the business would raise more revenues for the government to use. They would be able to profit from the business’s income tax and the income taxes of the employees. The government would then have more budget to execute their projects such as roads and infrastructures. RELATED INDUSTRY: PRINT MEDIA

As paper is one of the business’s materials...
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