should textbooks be replaced by computers

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Should textbooks be replaced by notebook computers?
How do computers help us?
In today’s times of technical advancement, computers have taken ______________________in all aspects of human lives. It cannot be neglected, that computers bring about a lot of improvement especially in _________________ task completion and solving human problems. Moreover, their ability to retrieve information and aid in the learning process is far advanced. Hence, students should be _______________ with computers in order to represent a confident generation, which can handle _______________ problems faster and more ________________. How does paper cause depletion of trees?

Firstly, when it comes to education today, we ______________ have used too many papers which has led to the increased _____________ of trees. Indonesia, for instance, has _______________ half of its rain forests in the past few decades. Furthermore, some irresponsible people massively chop trees without official permission, which causes unexpected disasters like global warming. This is indeed harmful and can ________________ the surroundings and global ____________________. Hence, text books should be replaced with computers which are more _______________, eco-friendly, and can be used in efficient ways. Can everybody afford computers?

There is a myth that only the ______________ can afford computers, due to the fact that computers are still expensive for some people. But nowadays, computers are much cheaper than before and computer engineers and manufacturers will ____________ to find ways to create computers which are more affordable in the future. For instance today computers have made their way into each and every household. On an average, every family owns a computer which multi user ______________.

How can schools use computers for student’s benefits?
Dating back to the past, when “The fun they had” and some other science-fiction books were published, there was an expectation that computers,...
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