Should Teaching Computers Be Made Compulsory

Topics: Learning, Credit card, Education Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: November 20, 2006
Learning How to use a Computer

Students spend five years at high school learning many things, but how much of what they learn is really useful? For example, many students forget a lot of what they learn about history and calculus because they have no practical use for what they have learned. Computers, however, are now a part of our everyday lives. Therefore, students should be required to learn how to use computers because they will benefit in both their personal and professional life. In particular, learning about computers can help you to organize you finances better, to gather information easily, and to enjoy a variety of recreation activities. (103)
For both personal and professional needs, a computer is of great help in taking care of financial matters. One way that computers help is in paying bills. Almost all bills, such as electric and telephone bills for the home, credit card payments, and installments on a car can be paid using a computer. Of course, one needs Internet access for this. Another financial convenience offered by computers is paying for purchases. In a similar way to paying bills, purchases can be ordered and paid for using the Internet and a credit card number. Then the item purchased can be delivered directly to your front door. Finally, a student at university, or someone who has graduated from high school, can take care of banking by computer over the Internet. In this case, one can transfer money from one bank account to another without going to the bank, sending a fax, or even making a telephone call. (155)

Information gathering is another important benefit for students who have learnt how to use computers while at school, enabling them to search and recover information from many sources and store whatever information they find for...
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