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Sacred Spaces

By doshdodd Aug 21, 2013 1215 Words
Keyso Moss
May 30, 2013
Sacred Spaces
Sacred or Holy places are found throughout different cultures, past and present events that have been marked throughout the world. Some of these places have landmarks of some kind of architecture or symbols. I believe sacred places are not always marked but have true significance to the person. A sacred place is a place that is use by many but; some people are lacking those kinds of places like people that have anger problem. Some lack that sacred place and maybe if they had a sacred place they would think about what they are doing before taking action and making a mistake. A sacred place is something that I use a lot to stay out of trouble and think about my problems.

What makes a place sacred? A place becomes sacred when you can be yourself openly, never feeling judged, and can be there in deep thought. I don't think you have to have just one sacred place. I feel any place where you can express your feelings and emotions is to be cherished. Some people follow their faith and feel as if that's their sacred place, whereas others may use a historic site or even a graveyard.

I have two sacred places where I feel that I am myself completely. I leave all my worries and stress around me out. I'm just focused on what I love and my ambitions in life. Sometime I use the football field as my sacred place because it’s a place where I can release my anger and I can also leave all my stress behind.

Does it need to be dedicated to its spiritual uses? When people use the word sacred or holy, we usually think of something spiritual related. I do not believe that all sacred places have to be dedicated for spiritual use. I find myself talking to my God whenever I need him. Not only when I go to church on Sunday. My sacred places could be used for spiritual reasons if that's the mood I'm feeling.

Can you use sacred places for other activities? Yes, sacred places can be used for other activities beside worship. Sacred places can be used for other activities in the community. If someone's sacred place is a church, then different foundations can use it for charities or meetings for improving the community. They can be used for baptisms, weddings, or funerals. Sacred places are used for remembering are past history and people who have passed away. We also celebrate these people lives as we go through our life. Certain famous people such as Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, and Emily Dickson who were all mentioned in the essay (Momaday, 314).

Do you have such a private place? My first sacred place is not private in a sense. I'm normally there at least five days a week if not more. This place’s playing space is a hundred yards in length. It has strips running across at five yard intervals. On each side there's an end zone which is marked with diagonal lines which extends ten yards. The entire field is one hundred twenty yards long and one hundred sixty feet wide. In every end zone there's a goal post. The yardage of the field is marked in ten intervals up to fifty which is the center of the field and then begins to descend going to the opposite goal line. My first sacred place is on the football field where I better myself not only for my dreams in life but also to make my family proud. My second sacred place is just a place away from everyone. I will get away and then put in my music and drift away from everything. I usually daydream and think more at night so that’s when I usually use my sacred place weather it may be in my room or on the porch.

My second place is much smaller. When I'm not on the field this is where I spend most of my time. I think of how my life is going and if I am on the right track. I spend time talking to my God and thanking him for all that he has done and what he will continue to do in my life. I spend time doing my schoolwork so that I can accomplish my goals. I know my future is bright if I can just stay on the path God has paved for me. While in my room, I take time to reminisce on how far I have come in my life. There have been some struggles that I had to overcome and situations I’ve had to walk away from. Taking time to myself and a break for few hours when I’m off the field can be rejuvenating especially if I’m mentally and physically exhausted. I know I can come in my room and have no one to bother me. I leave all outside distractions such as television, radio, and most important my cell phone. I feel everyone needs to have some alone time to just be able to think.

Do people need a sacred place? Yes, I believe people need a sacred place because it is where they can go to be alone with their thoughts. No interruptions. I think it’s a great outlet to have. Some where you can go and be at peace with your mind, body, and soul. This place you are concerned with yourself first and no one else. When defining your sacred space, the person must know what they want to get out of it and where they want it to be. People just taking some time out of their busy schedules for meditation, reflection, or even to deepen your intimacy within family time.

What is its use? Having a sacred place whether it be more than one place, gives you that sense of security. We as people need to be able to express how we feel and be comfortable weather it is knowing that you can go there and kneel, sit, stand, or lay down without being judged. Having this sanctity will help you do something that will better you for the present time and future.

A sacred place is where people can feel safe and be at peace within themselves. Most commonly known sacred places are normally marked with special architecture, symbols, or really well known throughout the world. All sacred spaces don’t have to have important meaning to the world but as long as the person feels a deep connection then that is all that matters. All sacred places do not have to be used for spirituality. Sacred places can be used for other activities and not just for praying which is what it is normally used for. I feel I have a private and public place that I use to help clear my mind and they both help me to keep calm and focused on my life challenges that are ahead. Everyone should have a sacred place rather it is private or public just so they can have the ability to channel their inner thoughts and feelings. Sacred places are most often used for religion purposes but also for people to vent their emotions that are good and bad.

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