Role of Computer in the Society

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How do I list them?
1. First, write one or two sentences about your topic.
2. Next, underline all of the specific words that describe your topic. 3. Make a separate list of these specific words.
4. Add to your list any other words that mean the same thing (synonyms) or are related terms. 5. Think of more words or phrases that describe the larger topic, of which your topic is a part. Add those to the list. 6. Think of more words or phrases that are subtopics of your topic which might help you find you useful information. Add those to the list. Now you should have a pretty long list of words and phrases that you can use to search for information. If one word isn't in a book's index or doesn't turn up any results on an electronic search, try another word or a combination of words. Computer virus

A computer virus is an executable program. Depend on the nature of a virus, it may cause damage of your hard disk contents, and/or interfere normal operation of your computer. By definition, a virus program is able to replicate itself. This means that the virus multiplies on a computer by making copies of itself. This replication is intentional; it is part of the virus program. In most cases, if a file that contains virus is executed or copied onto another computer, then that computer will also be "infected" by the same virus. A virus can be introduced to a computer system along with any software program. For Internet users, this threat can come from downloading files through FTP (file transfer protocol), or referencing email attachments. (Please refer to our web page on Handling Email's File Attachments for details.) When a virus is introduced to a computer system, it can attach itself to, or sometimes even replace, an existing program. Thus, when the user runs the program in question, the virus is also executed. This usually happens without the user being aware of it. A virus program contains instructions to initiate some sort of "event" that affects the infected...
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