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Before you can write a speech, you have to know a little about speech construction. There are certain types of speeches, and each type contains certain characteristics. Just like essays, all speeches have three main sections: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Unlike essays, speeches must be written to be heard, as opposed to read. You need to write a speech in a way that keeps the attention of an audience. This simply means that your speech should contain a little color, drama, or humor. It should have “flair.” The trick to giving a speech flair is using attention-grabbing anecdotes and examples. Since there are different types of speeches, your attention-grabbing techniques should fit the speech type. Types of Speeches

Informative speeches inform your audience about a topic, event, or area of knowledge. * Podcasting for Teens
* Drinking Is for Dummies
* The Underground Railroad
Instructional speeches provide information about how to do something. * How to Shape Perfect Eyebrows
* Make a Great Bag Out of Old Clothing
* How to Stand on Your Head
Persuasive speeches attempt to convince or persuade the audience. * Study Abroad is Life-Enhancing
* Abstinence Can Save Your Life
* Benefits of Volunteering
Entertaining speeches entertain your audience.
* Life Is Like a Dirty Dorm
* Can Potato Peels Predict the Future?
* Marshmallows Should Be a Food Group
Special Occasion speeches entertain or inform your audience. * graduation speech
* wedding toast
* campaign speech
You can explore the different types of speeches and decide what speech type fits your assignment.
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