Purposes and Theories of Punishment

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Introduction to Sociology 2

Semester 2

School of Political and Social Inquiry
South Africa Campus
Monash University



Semester 2 2010

1.Staff and Unit Information

Unit Coordinator
Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam (Australia)

Lecturer – South Africa
Dr. Roseline M. Achieng’
Office # 2.10, Block C

Consulting Hours
Wednesday: 10.00hrs – 13.00hrs

Any other time by appointment only
e-mail: roseline.achieng@arts.monash.edu

Tutorial Fellows:
Mrs.Jackie Horn – horn.jax@gmail.com
Mr. Sibonilo Shozi – rsibonelo@gmail.com

Tutors’ Offices:
Jackie Horn # 2-14, Block C
Sibonilo Shozi - to be announced in class and posted on the sociology notice board

2.Unit Format


A unit of 3 hours per week, made up of 1 x TWO hour lecture and a one hour tutorial. This subject consists of three sections:

Section 1 – Families and Relationships
Section 2 –Sociology of Health and Medicine
Section 3 – Population and Society

Aims of the Unit
To build on the sociological knowledge and skills students were introduced to in the first semester in SCY1100. •To consolidate understanding of basic concepts and theories in the discipline of sociology. •To further develop analytical, argumentation and critical skills.

Unit Objectives
By the end of this semester students are expected to:

Have a basic knowledge of major sociological concepts and theories. •Have acquired an understanding of the sociological perspective. •Have developed the fundamental library research skills necessary to complete the assessment tasks required by this subject. •Have acquired appropriate essay writing techniques and critical analytical and argumentation skills to be able to tackle second year units.

3.Lecture and Assessment Timetable

WeekDateTopic Assessment Task
1July 19th – 23rdIntroduction
2July 26th – 30thSection 1: Families and Relationships
Love, romance and dating
3August 2nd – 6th Cultural diversity and families
4August 9th – 13th Work and families
5August 16th – 20th Divorce and re-constituted families 6August 23rd – 27th Section 2: Sociology of Health and Medicine What is health and health care?Essay 1:
Due on Aug 25
7August 30th – 3rd Sep.From ‘sick role’ to ‘surveillance medicine’ 8Sept. 6th – 10th The illness experience
9Sept.13th – 17th Challenges in health and medicine
10Sept. 20th – 24th Section 3: Population and Society
Global Population Growth

Sept. 27th – Oct. 1st
11Oct. 4th – 8thImmigrationEssay 2:
Due on Oct.6
12Oct. 11th – 15th Childbearing in Australia/South Africa and Africa 13Oct. 18th – 22nd Review. Exam preparation


2 x Short Essays @ 30% each60%
2 hour exam (3 short essay questions) at end of semester30% •Class/Tutorial attendance and participation10%
Total 100%

Short Essays
You are required to research and write two short essays which need to be handed in by the following due dates and in your tutorial groups.

Due Dates:Essay 1: Due by August 25
Essay 2: Due by October 6

Length: 1500 words Plus or minus 100 words.

Essays longer than 1600 words will be penalised by 10%.
Note: The Reference list does not form part of the required word length.

Submission of Essays: Short essays are to be handed over to your tutor in your respective tutorial group. Attach a First Year Sociology Cover Sheet with all details filled in. Remember to make a copy of your assignment before submitting it. Essays will not be accepted as email attachments. Marked essays will be returned by your Tutor in the Tutorials.

Late Submissions:
Work submitted after the due date without a formal extension or application for Special Consideration will be treated as follows:

A 5% penalty applies for the first day of the missed deadline. •A...

SCY1200: Introduction to Sociology 11, 2010
Van Krieken, R. Habibis, D. Smith, P. Hutchins, B. Haralambos, M. Holborn, M (2006) Sociology: Themes and Perspectives (3rd ed) Frenchs Forest: Pearson Longman
Available from the campus bookshop
Recommended Texts
Giddens A., 2009, Sociology, 6th edition, Polity Press, Cambridge.
Newman D. M., 2006, Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life,
6th edition, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA.
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