Psychology: Intervention Plan: I Wish I Could Give Up Smoke

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Intervention plan: I wish I could give up smoke
There are three major parts consist of the intervention plan: 1) diagnostic assessment, 2) treatment plan and 3) treatment expectations.

* How long have I been smoking cigarettes?
3 years
* Why starts smoking (three stages)?
Feels like a cool or mature things to do (slightly addicted) Stress relief (addicted)
Social habit (strongly addicted)
Moreover, many smokers like me has very poor stress coping skills, so use of smoking as psychological tool may result in a vicious cycle of more and more smoking (McCloughen, 2003).

Like many other tobacco users, I realised that I should quit, but I am not sure how to do it. This is called a contemplation which is intention only. This quit-smoking intervention plan helps I cope with the physical and emotional issues that often arise when I stop smoking, such as strong urges to smoke and depression.

The following part briefly lists the treatment techniques and its related theories. The aim of the therapy is to explore and help smoker understand the negative patterns and problems of smoking behaviour, and then to help smoker learn and use communication and conflict resolution skills to achieve smoking cessation. This plan will take participant through a step-by-step program to change daily habits and achieve the goal to quit smoking. Intervention Techniques| Psychological Theory|

Reasons of smokingSmoker’s background| Observational learningTranstheoretical model| Modelling/ Mentoring| Health belief modelBehaviour theoryTranstheoretical Model| Rebuilding self-image| Stress coping skillsCognitive model Self-efficacy| Relaxation/ Meditation| Behaviour theory|

However, most of the time that people learn to keep smoking, because if they try to quit they are punished by withdrawal symptoms i.e. irritability, snappiness, lack of concentration. Having a cigarette gets rid of these symptoms, negatively reinforcing the desire to carry on smoking...
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