Private Education Institutions Are A Bl

Topics: Education, Higher education, High school Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: December 25, 2014
Privatization of Educational Institutions
A Blessing and a Curse

Author: Mustafa Ramazan-Habibi
Written 6th December 2014

The new emerging phenomena of Private Education Institutions-PEIs are a blessing and a curse for Afghanistan. The concept of private educational institutions-PEI is important; there is no doubt about the quality of education provided by PEI. However, the government and the policy makers should not search for an easy way out of and privatize educational institutions. As a result there will be mushroom schools, higher education institutes and universities in each corner of the city. With no proposer check and balance. The fact that only failed states would increase privatization is inevitable. The government as a large and powerful institution should own its issues and challenges and face it respectively, responsibly and professionally. As in one of his talks President Ghani in London conference for Afghanistan stated, when the government fails to serve its citizens, only then the alternate-private institutions see it feasible and legitimate to established parallel institution to the government. Private educational institutions should be there. However, there should be a limit, as compare to the 100 % of government educational institutions, there can be only 5% of PEIs. The PEIs have to be under-direct supervision of the respective ministries such as Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Education. If the PEIs are not governed well by the government, in 12 - 15 years time there will be a huge social classification gap. The social classification gap will make the majority of the population suffer in the country. In terms of differed quality of education, high fee structured, lower quality of education in the government owned institutions and the language differences-English and Dari, as in PEIs they prefer English text books. Critically analyzing the developed and developing countries experience of...
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