Philosophy of Health Care for Women

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Philosophy of Health Care for Women
The enhancement of my philosophy of health care for women, through a re-examination of my original three specific concepts emotional, social and spiritual which I would blend with my knowledge that I have gained in this course. Also, how it is related to the actual clinical care of women. At the end of this quarter, my philosophy of health care for women as expanded. The health of the women in any society is the most essential piece of the health care system in countries around the world. I still believe that the health and well-being of women will determine the future empowerment and economic strength of women-owned businesses in the communities. This is also the belief of Wal-Mart’s (2011) global women’s economic empowerment initiative to improve life of women and children. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities, in caring for themselves and their families in order to feel empowered. According to Kali (2008) empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social and economic strength of individuals in the communities. The important part of this empowerment process is helping women understand how their bodies work. Self-Knowledge on a physical and emotional level helps women feel in control of the things that can be controlled. During my clinical care of women this quarter my preceptor and myself encounter a lot of women want to and do make their own decisions. For an example one of our patients took the decisions upon herself that she does not want pessary in for support uterine prolapsed. She is 31 years old, G13, P10. Her religion would not allow her to use any preventive contraceptive. Instead of doing surgery or putting foreign thing in her body she stated that, she still believe that her God will heal her by doing exercise and come back for follow-up in six weeks. In this situation it took gentle, yet firm, teaching of practical...

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