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Topics: Personal computer, Intel Core i7, Computer Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Now-a-days computers are one of the most useful things we use in our daily life for different purposes. In today’s world everyone owns a computer. But at first one needs to buy a computer to use it when necessary at home or workplace. Even though buying a personal computer isn’t that tough but one needs to focus on some specific things so that the computer he or she’s buying suits him or her best. The main thing is when someone’s buying a computer he or she needs to focus on the specific purpose of buying the computer. While buying a computer the most important thing for me is the brand value. I prefer DELL or HP more than any other brand as a desktop computer and of course an intact package of DELL or HP is good but sometimes packages don’t include all the features. So, the best things is buying different parts from different but best brands and make a custom pc and I think that’ll be the best. As I like to play lots of computer games, enjoy music and movies I’ve to focus on the processor, graphics card, sound card, RAM, HDD space. I also prefer a quite large widescreen LCD or LED monitor. Gaming, graphics designing and entertainment purposes are most important to me and as I want a very updated computer. So, first of all I will definitely buy an INTEL core i7 processor because it is the best and the cost is around 30,000 to 35,000 tk. and I’ll buy it and all other parts needed for my computer from RYANS computer (ph no. 8118298, 8113983) because they provide all sort of brand products and I absolutely don’t doubt their product and warranty is given on every products based on the price and it has a huge showroom in the BCS computer city as well as on some other places too. Of course I need a very powerful and suitable graphics card for as I like gaming. I prefer NVIDIA or ATI RAEDON more than any other graphics cards. My main choice will be a NVIDIA G-Force 9800 or a higher...
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