Peer to Peer Infrastructure

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Mobile communication plays a vital role to support interactive multimedia services such as wireless Internet, teleconferencing and etc. As the demand gets more complex, need for portability, wider bandwidth with higher data dates are needed to support the intricate file transfer, live video streaming or even voice over IP. The popularity of P2P has generated tremendous interest worldwide and radically changes the future of networking as anyone could access and share their files online. Generally, a P2P network is a network made up of computers/mobile devices which are connected to each other through the Internet. Files of all type can be shared between computers on the P2P network. This allows Internet users to transfer files directly, rather than through the use of a website or server.

In this paper, we will be summarizing about the various data transfer forms such as live video streaming, VoIP and file sharing over wireless mesh networks and network security. Since wireless data transfer can be risky and privacy is highly valued, network security plays an essential role to prevent the sensitive data from being stolen.


The scalable VoIP routing architecture is the base for P2P communication system. A good and efficient architecture is a key word in the next generation of global IP networks. A scalable VoIP architecture based on the control layer focuses on the following features:

Efficient voice gateway allocation techniques. When voice routing fails, it can automatically go back to PSTN. This gives backup capability to the peer to peer network and tolerance of routing failures.

Peer-to-Peer VoIP routing architecture. In this system, a routing forward and routing update protocol can supply a multi-routing algorithm to achieve a good QoS service. There are three main methods for routing which are discussed in the following sections [1].


It has a control node in the network that contains all the routing information of all agents in the networks. This control node is the bottle neck of the whole system. When this node is down, it will seriously harm the performance of the whole network [6].


All the agents are connected with other agents and only one hop for any routing. It is a simple and quick routing technique, but it is not scalable and it is too expensive in huge networks.


Each agent in this approach is just connected with the neighbor node and the routing takes place from one node to another. In order to improve the efficiency and QoS, Routing Request Forwarding Protocol is used. This protocol selects the route by weight of the neighbor nodes. Each node weight depicts the possibility to be selected [7].

Ci has relationship with distance and load of the node.
For this method to run smoothly, the weight information of each node has to be updated because the links between nodes change from time to time. Thus the weight of nodes has to be modified to reflect the real information of the networks.

Fig.1.RD performance of Routing Algorithm

Figure 1 is the result of test between static routing and dynamic weight-based routing [1]. From Figure 1, benefits of dynamic weight-based routing method are apparent. The average routing delay is dramatically decreased in dynamic weight-based routing method. Dynamic weight-based routing technique shows its great efficiency and QoS in Peer-to-Peer approach for global Voice over IP.


Usages of handheld devices have been increasing exponentially each year and the need for internet mobility has to be improved in order to cope with the demands. Live video streaming has become a popular tool due to its convenience and versatility. Applications such as YouTube and BitTorrent are some of the popular Peer-to-Peer tools which provide video streaming. A hybrid approach is implemented where...

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Future of Content Distribution”. 2002 ACM workshop on Digital Rights
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