Parts of Computer

Topics: Personal computer, Central processing unit, Motherboard Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: December 6, 2012
IN 21st century our life is run without computer. We must need the help of computer every day of our life. Computer are indispensable to wok home, management and entertainment in modern life. The project work shows what are the main components to run a computer. Personal computer have lots of components the main components are keyboard,mouse,ram,dvd drive, hard disk, video card, mother board, processor, disk controller,floppy disk drive,video display adopter,modem,printer,cpu(central proceesing unit) computer case.and the optional equipemenns are tap back up devices,cd -rom drives,digital camera,audio adopters,removal drives the above components are main hardware components of the computer.the software components of the personal computer are operating system,Microsoft windows,linux,amigaos,os x. Mother board:

Mother is a heart of the computer and its also reffered as system board or main board.all the components of the computer connect direct or indirect to the mother is a main circuit board inside the machine without mother board anything is run in contain some non-volaitle memory to intilaze the systemand load the operating system in peripheral devices.most of the mother board design bios,EEPROM CHIP store the bios and socket in the mother board to boot strap and operating system.the power is applied on the mother board bios firmware test and confugries the memory circuitry and peripheral.mother board contain one or more cpu supporting circuitry.intergarted circuits provide interface between cpu memory and input/output periherpal circuit and main is usefull for intial set up of computer immediartely after power on the system.the cpu plugs into the all of the card on the mother board sound card is the one of important card in mother contains the connectors to attach the additional boards.mother board contain cpu...
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