Organ Donation

Topics: Organ transplant, Religion, Pope John Paul II Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: August 21, 2013

The aptitude to transplant organs and the rest from a person to another person, it’s the best achievement in medicine. Notwithstanding having more technology the illnesses have increased too and now there are still many people waiting for a transplantation to save their life nevertheless the necessity for donor organs is much higher than the proposal. We have heard about donations and transplants and the percentage of those who do have gone up regarding to the past however why don’t everybody have this conscience? Organ donation is to give life; with that simple action you can save up to 50 lives. Today the interest of us in front of this problem is deplorable, considering that at least 3.000 people die every year waiting for being transplanted and about 150.000 die in the same period of time without giving those organs, organs that they aren’t going to use any more; this is a missed opportunity to take off someone of that list. While us and our relatives have a good health, we stop worrying of the rest. It’s time to awareness! The reality is that a lot of people need transplantation because it’s the unique opportunity that they have to continue with his or her life, and Why we couldn’t do a little gift of life like a gesture of love? It is clear that the unique person with the right about our bodies is our self, but we must realize that the organs that we don’t use more can continue giving life in the organism of other. In addition many religions are agreed with organ donation, now this can’t be an excuse. The Amish will allow the transplantation if they are sure that the organ will use for a benefit and comfort of the receiver. John Hosteller said in his book Amish Society, “the Amish believe that considering that God created the human body, is God who heals” Nevertheless, there is no an Amish interpretation that prohibit to use modern medical services, surgeries, hospitalization or transmission of blood. The Catholics...
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