Need for Computer Information Systems

Topics: Retailing, Computer, Information systems Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: August 12, 2011
Information Systems Paper
Scott Clark
CIS 205
June 20, 2011
Robert Meyers

In society today it has become increasingly necessary to effectively use technologically advanced Information systems and software applications to run an organization. In our technologically advanced and dynamic society, organizations are being pushed to use and operate updated and advanced information systems and software applications to store information, process data and effectively manage day to day operations. In this paper the subject discussed will be how a CIS (computer information systems) can help an organization, what they are, and an example of a CIS and its uses in a retail environment. Referred to as a CIS (computer information system), which include computers, software, hardware, operating systems and people, is important in managing and running an organization daily. For example, in a retail store, a CIS can manage productivity, inventory, schedules, ordering, sales, trends in sales, and products. All of these of which are extremely important in keeping a retail business running and profitable. A CIS is important to a retail store in that it can store, calculate and track all information regarding sales, customer spending habits, inventory, ordering of products, sales per department, sales versus last year, labor costs and employee productivity. All of the above-mentioned tasks can be stored and retrieved as necessary by managers and supervisors to assist them in properly staffing, handling departmental sales, stocking of departments, and running the store daily. With the amount of data and size of files that can be contained within the retail business, it would be nearly impossible to accurately sort and process these files manually. Using a good, reliable CIS, an organization can track and compile data quickly to help determine whether or not the organization is on track with its sales or headed in the right direction financially. After an...
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