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Never! I guess... Part 1 

Kai:_________ could you pls stay aside? im sick to see your face. You: *burn* what?? oh~ do you think you're great enough?? oh damn you Kai Kai: im not THINK im great , but i AM great.
You: Btch pls  i hate you
Kai: i hate you more -,-
Baekhyun: can both of you stop fighting!! im sick of it. Kai, pls treat my girl better pls *wink at you* Kai: oh please Baekkon 
Baekhyun: it baekhyun you pabo.
You: stop it. You guys are like a little children!!

You,Kim Jongin and Byun Baekhyun are classmates. Kim Jongin is your number one enemy and Baekhyun is his bestfriend. Baekhyun is in love with you,he already confess to you last year but you reject him but he said he will be your friend and you glad to hear that from him. He is a good friend indeed. He always there for you everytime you sad and happy. Yes,Kai was there too,but he always make you angry but you dont have him actually because he make you life noisier(?). Your friend Kim Sara(i created it xD) was in love with Kai,but dont want to confess to Kai. You just dont get it how she can fall in love with him. That jerk and dorky Kai. But you're happy for her as she is your bestfriend.

--end of part 1—

Never! I guess... Part 2

Sara: ______~ah dont you think he is awesome 
You: who?
Sara: Kai~
You: O_O hell no
Sara: haha,you dont know him well enough ________-ah
You: yes i dont,and i wont.

Someone hugged you from behind. You turn your head and saw Baekhyun.

Baekhyun: ______-ah~ let hangout today  
You: okie dokie 
Kai: im going to puke here 
Sara: its okay Kai~ you have me 
Kai: yeah right *rolling his eyes*
Sara: cute
You&Baek: yah~ whats wrong with you 
Kai: jeez..such a sweeeeet couple.
You: what??
Kai: deaf ugly girl
Baekhyun: yah!! i think you're too much.
You: yes im ugly so what?? *holding your tears*
You cried and ran away from them. You dont know why but you're hurt when he said that to you.


Did..she just cried? am i too much?? all this long she's never cried if im told her that! My am i feeling like this? Im just pity for her.yes. ill never fall in love to her! Never! I guess....


i hate him so much. ill never be his friend ever. I hate see him treat Sara so well. i hate him.

--end of part 2--

Never! I guess... Part 3

Baekhyun: go and talk to her. NICELY pls.
Sara: ehh but....
Kai: okay ill go. 

He search for you everywhere but he could not see you. Suddenly he remembered your favourite spot,rooftoop. He run there and saw you crying while hugging your kneel. Kai felt sorry as he never see this kind of side in you. you are usually happy and fun. He walk slowly toward you,not wanting you now he was there.

Kai: sorry...
You: *shock* why are you here????
Kai: to say sorry to you.
You: you? sorry? are you kidding me??
Kai: im serious,you pabo
You: haha,what you will do for gain my sorry?
Kai: anything you want.
You: *you decide to tease him* i want.....*go near his face* i to dance xD Kai: *blush a little* yah!! okay i will.

As he danced,you were amazed by his skill. He is the best dancer in your school. But, Kai accidently tripped over his leg (LOL Kai) and you immidietly tried to catch him but...your move was wrong and he fell onto your body and...his lips landed on yours..accidently..

"what are you guys doing!!" shout a girl. both of you release each other and saw Sara and Baekhyun was there.

--end of part 3—

Never! I guess... Part 4

Kai and You was shocked and blush. Baekhyun and Sara walk toward you. Baekhyun look sad and Sara look mad..very MAD..

Sara: _____!! i thought you're my bestfriend!! 
You: no,its not like what you're thinking! let me explain.
Sara: You know that i love Kai!!
Kai: you what?
Sara: *pull Kai and kiss Him D___O* i love you.

You and Baekhyun,even Kai was shock. After 5 second,she let him go. 

Sara: pls accept me as your girl to prove that you and ______...
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