my idea computer system

Topics: Xeon, Automation, Computer Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: October 21, 2013
My Ideal Computer System

What kind of computer system would you build if money was no object? The system I would love to have with make watching video, listening to music and playing games easy to do. It will also include home automation. My ideal computer system as today would include a Dell Precision R5500 with a lot of bells and whistles added to it.

The computer will have a Dual 6 core Intel Xeon processor (2.66 GHz, 12m L3, 6.4 GT/s turbo). It will have two 6 GB nVIDIA Quadro 6000, Quad monitor 4DP and 2 DVI with Nvidia tesla K20c computing processor to take the load off of the main cpu. It will also make it faster it create and edit videos with the system. It will also have six 4GB DDR3 RDIMM memory.

It will have two 27 inch wide screen monitors for the main display. It will also include a Epson PowerLite 4200W LCD Projector – HDTV which cost $2,806.95 so when we want to watch movies or tv shows together on it. We will have Netflix subscription so we can watch Netflix streaming with the system.

It will include four 900 GB solid state drives strip and mirrored with raid 10. The reason why we want solid state drives that are strip and mirrored is for backup and very fast access. We can store a lot of videos and music and iso files on this system.

The system will include a Sonicwall system that will connect both AT&T and Cox at their fastest speed they have. This will allow me to have a very fast connection with rollover. If one of the connections goes down I will still have the other one to use. The computer system will have duel power supply both connect to separate APC power saving Back-UPS pro 1500. The power supply is also connect to a Generac Quietpact® RV Generator — Gasoline-Powered, 4500 Watts, QP Series 45G in case of the power is out longer than expected. The gas generator alone cost $2,399.99 Then there is home automation. My system will include fourteen touch screens, whole-house Wi-Fi, sixteen audio...
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