My Favorite Place

Topics: Water, Mind, Sight Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: August 22, 2013
My favorite place!
By Sarah Finley

Hello, My name is Sarah and I would like to share with you why the beach is my favorite place to go. I call it my home away from home for so many amazing reasons. There is not another place on this earth that takes my breath away like the beach does. The smell, sight, touch, and sound it what makes me go back every year. Once you read this you will want to pack up yourself and head to paradise

I love going to the beach any time I get the chance. It is just so relaxing to me that I can’t think of a better get away place to free my mind. The way the sand feels going in between my toes is just awesome to me. It is so soft and warm I have not been able to compare it to anything else I have set my feet on in my whole 28 years of life. I also heard that the sand is good for the bottom of your feet it is suppose to take all the dead skin off and help with athletes feet. The way the waves sound coming up on the shore is breath taking to me as well. The swooshing sound as the water makes its’ way to the shore line is music to my ears. When I am out there on the beach and I hear that it makes me forget about all my worries and everything going on around me. I guess you could say I am in Lola land or something it is quite amazing.

The beach also takes my breath away by the ongoing blue skies and blue waters. When you are out there looking out over the ocean it sometimes looks like the water and sky meet way out. The sunset is the best part to me I love going out on the beach at night and looking at how the sunset reflects off the ocean. That has to be one of...
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