Mountain Dew

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Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative

History of Mountain Dew advertising:
1. It was introduced in 1940 and didn’t have any brand history or specific culture. 2. Advertising was handled by Ogilvy and Mathers before being Assigned to BBDO in 1973. 3. The drink hit it off in the rural areas of the US, mainly on the Eastern seaboard and into the Northern plains of Minnesota and the Dakotas 4. Campaign themes over the years when different ads were run. a. 1970: “Hello Sunshine”

b. 1980: “Country Cool”
c. 1990: “Get Vertical”, “Do the Dew”
5. Focused on Cultural Trends
d. ‘Grunge’& ‘house’ music started to be used. e. They used the backdrop of Sports which were risky and considered extreme. f. GenX Ethos: It targeted the youth and positioned itself as a good thirst quencher 6. “Do the Dew” ad campaign made Mountain Dew overtake Diet coke and acquire third position in Carbonated Soft Drinks market Decision filters

Pepsi monitored Mountain Dew’s ‘health’ and used the following data filters to do so: 1. Quantitative and Qualitative research to judge the impact of the ads. 2. They monitored the “talk-value” or “buzz” – the extent to which the mass media has picked up the ad as well as the word of mouth created. 3. They sought feedback from the Mountain Dew website & unofficial websites. Other than that, the following information was also utilized in decision making: 1. Data was gathered by monitoring the response of the sales-force and bottlers to the ads – this Involved direct feedback from the customers and hence crucial to the process

Major issue:
Selection of three best creatives/TVCs, out of five shortlisted ones, including the two to be aired at the time of the Super Bowl

Q1) What is Moffits objectives for the “Do The Dew” campaign in 2000? Marketing Objectives:
1. The stated objective was to reinforce the brand amongst current users but also...
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