Morning: Time and Dr Leonidas

Topics: Time, Breathing, Physician Pages: 5 (1771 words) Published: August 22, 2013

The sun rose in a hurry, as if trying to make up for setting so early the evening before, bouncing into the sky line like a great fiery yo-yo and sending what was left of the moon packing. The sky, with blatant disregard for the overuse of alliteration, was a brilliantly bright baby blue, and perched picturesquely on the leafty branches of the trees in the park below, birds sang. A bit like Britney Spears without the eye candy.

Another wish of mine is granted. Morning, after all is all a patient could wish for to see everyday. For us, morning is a new day, new hope and new life. We are all stuck in this building where you can hear sirens everyday outside and the weeping sound of men inside the building. This building is like any other building in the city of Big Apple. It is artistically built. It has many doors, windows and ventilators. The rooms are furnished with descent articles of furniture. But the furniture in this building is different from household furniture in many ways. Each room is provided with different styles of beds.

The surroundings of this building were quite attractive, neat and clean. Unlike houses, each room has a garden in front of it. It adds to the beauty of the building. But there is one special place in this building where I love to hang out and enjoy my morning. It’s like an urban forest where you can see the breath taking view of the massive skyscraper of Big Apple and at the same time surrounded by the greens. Sometimes, I would lay down on the floor that is covered with artificial green and smell the fragrance of different flowers. Today I decided to sit on the wooden bench. It was the kind of bench where young Romeos took their sweethearts at sunrise, in the fervent hope that the romantic view of the sun setting higher than any skyscraper in this city. Except that I don’t have any Romeos.

I would always spend hours and hours here to enjoy myself as if I’m sitting on top of the world. When I look around and all you can see are the blue skies and sunshine. Those days don’t come around all the time but when they do, you take a step back and realize how great life is. I myself have had quite a few days like that and let me tell you how I wished they never ended. And though the twenty-four hours time span we refer as a day may be over it is a mere drop in the ocean of time we have in our lives and enjoying every minute is the only way to live.

There will always be good days and bad days in our lives. However, the extraordinary days are those who live in difficulty through the stories of the old and have been. For life is a struggle and each day is a challenge. I am, as always, in treatment. I have a talk therapist and a psychiatrist who tries to help me with medication. The talk therapist is helping me to get over with the tragic accident that happen to me five years ago when God brings my family to heaven and rest in peace. Since then, I am an orphan. The only relatives I have now happen to be the famous doctor in this city, Dr Roosevelt. He takes me in and cares me like his daughter and assigns a psychiatrist who he trusts in his skills to cure me. Since then, Dr Leonidas have been my doctor and companion.

Dr Leonidas is just like a brother to me since I lost Zach. He would come and spend some time when he has no patient to check on or off duty with me, so does Uncle Roosevelt and the other nurses and doctors here. They have become a part of my family for I have live here since the past few years. Whenever I am allow to wonder around by myself in this building where I got green lights from Dr Leonidas, I would come up here at the rooftop or stroll around the different floors in this building. The difference in an outside of this building is that outside here the building is a very busy city filled with busy New Yorkers while inside is filled with perfect silence everywhere in the ward. The silence of the ward is broken by the gentle footsteps of a doctor, a nurse...
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