Mind and Silence

Topics: Mind, Feeling, Consciousness Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Silence – A Golden Key to Success
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This week’s word is all about the importance of Silence. As busy professionals and people in general, many of us rush all over the place without taking the time to appreciate the importance of silence in our lives. The most silence we get is when we are asleep. However, like dreaming in our sleep, silence can be an invaluable advantage to you in your life and in your career. So I encourage you to find a few minutes each day for silence. I have found five key benefits to incorporate even as much as a few minutes of silence a day into my life. What benefits or advantages have you found? I’d love to hear about them. Here are my five key benefits. (1) Innovation – When I focus on quiet time, tapping into my subconscious and really “quieting my mind,” I find that my greatest ideas and insights flow. Just by enjoying some silent time alone and letting my mind wander, not racing to get something “done”, my mind becomes clearer and more focused on ideas and solutions. It’s the same when you are doing some idle work like taking a shower or driving in your car. However, with this type of focus you are allowing yourself to tap into your mind and really listen to what it is telling you. (2) Awareness – When you take the time to just sit and listen to those around you rather than rushing to get your point across or coming up with solutions immediately to issues that may arise, you become more focused and aware of the circumstances around you as well as the thoughts and feelings of those around you. This type of silence allows you to become more focused on others and to open your mind up to new possibilities. You also can tap into the genius of those around you which generally can add up to more powerful results (like the saying goes, “Two minds are greater than one!”) You can also create a greater awareness of your inner thoughts and emotions. What is really affecting your feelings and your emotions? By not rushing to a...
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