Marketing Communication Creative Brief and Imc Plan

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Executive Summary3
1. Situation Analysis3
1.1 Internal Analysis3
1.2 External Analysis4
1.3 SWOT4
2. Identification of Marketing Problem or Opportunity5
2.1 Marketing Problem5
2.2 Marketing Opportunity5
3. Marketing Objectives5
4. Positioning6
5. Communication Objectives7
6. Campaign Budget8
6.1 Budgeted Costs9
7. Campaign Target Audience11
7.1 Brand Loyalty11
7.2 Creative Targets12
7.3 Behavioural Sequence Model (BSM)13
8. Choice of Media14
8.1 Traditional Advertising14
i.TV Commercials14
ii.Magazines for Young Women (Print Advertisements)14
iii.Commercials in Cinemas15
iv.Road Shows15
v.Billboards/ Decals on MRT Stations15
vi.Skin Analysis Booth in Health & Beauty Stores (Watsons, Guardian Pharmacy & SASA)16
8.2 Modern’ or Online Advertising16
vii.Social Media Platforms16
viii.Guest Bloggers17
ix.Guerilla Marketing17
9. Creative Strategy17
9.1 Campaign Theme17
9.2 Creative Idea18
9.3 Creative Style18
9.31 Unique Selling Proposition18
9.32 Brand Image18
9.33 Resonance19
9.4 Creative Execution19
9.41 Commercial Style19
9.43 Road Show & Beauty Contest20
9.44 Guest Bloggers20
9.45 Guerilla Marketing21
9.46 Flash Mob21
10. Media Strategy22
10.1 Primary Media:22
10.2 Secondary Media:22
11. Other IMC Activities24
11.1 Product Sample24
11.2 Sales Promotion25
11.3 Sponsorship/Partnership26
11.4 Event Marketing27
11.5 Public Relation28
12. Evaluation and Control29
13. Appendices31
14. Reference…………………………………………………………………………...……….41

Executive Summary

This report aims to provide a solution via the implementation of various integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategies in order to fulfil objectives for the product – Olay Total Effects (OTE), with the main objective of changing the audiences’ perspective of OTE.

The current situation of Olay was assessed, leading to the identification of marketing problems, opportunities and objectives. The target audience and positioning of Olay are identified, and the campaign theme suggested would be “Stay Fabulous at Every Age” – all IMC strategies used will revolve around this theme. The 2 main platforms for the execution of Olay’s campaign would be via television and magazine advertisements. There will be an array of supporting IMC activities ranging from product sampling to event marketing. Related costs pertaining to the implementation of the IMC strategies will be examined.

The evaluation and control of the marketing efforts will be discussed and lastly, a conclusion will wrap up the report.

1. Situation Analysis
1.1 Internal Analysis
Olay, as owned by Procter & Gamble, is one of the most recognizable brands in the world that has been in the market for over 60 years. Since the brand is under P&G, also a multi-national corporation, consumers tend to have a certain credential on Olay’s products, which makes it one of the better brands on shelves.

Despite the strong brand equity that Olay has garnered over the years, a weakness still exists; wrong perception of product/brand. According to (Terence A, 2010), Olay has released advertisements that misled the audience in thinking this brand caters to the older women. It is not the kind of perception Olay wants consumers to have as their target market includes women of a younger age group too. Albeit the weakness, Olay as a big brand, will have the ability to overcome their weakness.

1.2 External Analysis
OTE is not the first or only anti-aging product in the market; it is inevitable that they will face competition from rival brands. Other competing brands such as Bio-Essence, L’Oreal and Garnier are also established names with good marketing plans, which threaten Olay’s foothold in the market.

As mentioned above, consumers have a wrong perception of this brand/product. This result in a need...
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