Leading for Change

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Leadership Development Plan


Mr.Soravis Monthienvichienchai
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Table of content

Introduction| | | | | 1|
| Understanding 'Leadership'| | | 1|
Self-Estimation| | | | 2|
| Self Assesment| | | | 2|
Generating model for leadership development| 3|
| Leadership Framework| | | 3|
| Leadership Theory| | | | 5|
Development Plan Conclusion| | | 6|
| Leadership Styles| | | | 6|
| Plan Conclusion| | | | 7|
Plan Evaluation| | | | 9|
| Timeframe| | | | 9|
Reference| | | | | 10|
Feedback| | | | | 12|


Understanding 'Leadership'
To begin with a word, called 'leadership', a lot of ideas have been drawn out from philosophers or leaders; such as, "Ability of an individual to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organization (House et al 2004 p 184)" or " The behavior of an individual.. Directing the activities of a group toward a shared goal(Hemphill & Coons 1957 p7)". However, leadership from what I understand after doing some research is a word that describe how much a leader understand his/her team and be able to attract the team to keep their eyes on their tasks. He sets direction, builds an inspiring vision, and creates something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to "win" as a team. Leadership is dynamic, vibrant, and inspiring.

The picture from 9GAG[4] is comparing how the business runs under the leading of a leader as a boss and a real leader. if you look into the details, the difference between the two pictures is when the Boss is leading, the facial expressions of the workers are more "forceful" and when there is the leader leading, the people behind the leader has some motivation which matches their facial expression to be more optimistic, the one directly behind the leader is actually smiling. This shows the motivation and the spirit of the team. In my perspective of view, the leader should have a common thought with the followers.

This report is written to show my leadership development plan which will be considering leadership skills, abilities, behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge base on the research. However, I am also aware that a person is not going to master every competencies but the plan is attending to increase my strength and decrease the weakness of my leadership style. Self-Estimation

It is said that " if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles (Sun Wu, the Art of War,6th century BC)[9]". Thus, to improve my leadership skills, I start it with understand myself.

Self assessment
Activity | Often | Sometimes | Never |
Developed goals | 1|   |   |
Developed a budget |   | 1|   |
Produced a vision | 1|   |   |
Produced a plan of action | 1|   |   |
Prepared a public speech |   | 1|   |
Supervised staff |   | 1|   |
Encouraged participation |   | 1|   |
Created systems | 1|   |   |
Supported people | 1|   |   |
Controlled a budget or staff |   | 1|   |
Initiated change | 1|   |   |
Organized an event | 1|   |   |
count | 7| 5| |
score | x 2 points | x 1 point | no points|
| | total| 19/24 = 80%|

Table1: Self assessment (Miller P., Skringer E.R., Dalglish C. & Stevens T. 2012, p11)
The results is acceptable. However, there are many leadership skills and competencies that, when combined and applied, go toward making myself an effective leader. Hence, I am looking forward to put my effort on those 'sometimes' and other competencies that are not included in this quick estimation to improve myself in a better way.

Generating model for leadership development
Leadership Framework

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