LAN Using Visual Basic: Text Messages and Video Conferencing

Topics: IP address, Project management, Web server Pages: 5 (1422 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Project Objective
The objective of this project is to implement sending and receiving text messages and video conferencing on LAN using Visual Basic. It provides functionality that enables classes to use a default application framework. Once the frame work is able to do sending and receiving messages and video conferencing on LAN, the project can be extended in future for developing audio chat as well. Two users are able to chat by entering each others’ IP addresses. Users can easily add and delete contacts from their contact list. Users can accept and reject invitations or requests of video chat. Since the only form of authentication is enabling the recipient to accept chat request, this application is not very secure to use on the Internet. But, this application is intended to be used inside a LAN where users are known and trusted.

1. Who can benefit this system?
2. What are the requirements in terms of:
Hardware components
Software Components
3. What features does the system offer in terms of:
Sending and receiving message
Video Conferencing
4. How many participants do you envisage needing to use the system? 5. Where will be the equipment be used?
__ in a single location
__ dedicated location at school
__ range location throughout the school
6. Are there any maintenance and support services or contracts available to you in relation to the equipment? 7. How much was the cost of the project and when will be its duration? 8. How easy is the equipment to use and operate? How straightforward is the user interface?

Statement of Problem
This present study tries to analyze, design, develop, test and implement secured LAN chat system.

Specially, the study sought answer the following questions:
1. Who can benefit this system?
2. How efficient the LAN chat System is?
3. What specific programming language needed for the proposed LAN chat System? 4. What are the technical features of the proposed system in terms of: a. Security
b. Accessibility
c. GUI
d. System Process

Significance of the Study
The proposed system basically connects to certain people by obtaining an IP Configuration; it also provides video conferencing by obtaining the said IP address. Further, it also provides on sending and receiving messages through LAN and at the same time you can only chose and create contact list wherein a certain person you want can only interact to you by getting its IP address.

This system is a project proposal intended for the students and officers/employees of some establishments for them not to need a wireless connection just to communicate to other people or their friends. This would also allow them to connect and socialize to people like sending and receiving text message and video conferencing through LAN even though they don’t have connections like wireless or modem. With this system, it would be easy for them to exchange thoughts and ideas by just communicating to their friends.

Review of Related Literature
The simplest computer chatting is a method of sending, receiving, and storing typed messages with a network of users. This network could be WAN (Wide Area Network) or LAN(Local Area Network). Our chatting system will deal only with LAN’s (static IP address) and it is made up of two applications one runs on the server side (any computer on the network you choose it to be the server) while the other is delivered and executed on the client PC. Every time the client wants to chat he runs the client application, enter his user name, host name where the server application is running, and hits the connect button and start chatting. The system is many-to-many arrangement; every–one is able to “talk” to anyone else. Messages may be broadcasted to all receivers(recipients are automatically notified of incoming messages) or sent to special individuals (private chatting through server) where during this operation all messages are...
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