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Topics: Mother, Divorce, Family Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Growing up, children need to be influenced by others in order to learn and mature. They need parents to be there and support the children’s every step in development. In some families, children are able to grow up with the same biological parents and learn to have a sense of comfort, in that there will always be “mom and dad,” waiting for them when they get home. However, in the United States “forty or possibly even fifty percent of marriages will end in divorce” (Marriage101). Leaving many children with questions that single parents sometimes just cannot answer. Even though most children from broken household do well in life, there still are lasting effects on the child. In a household where the mother and father are the biological parents of their children, that family tends to do well over all. When there is both the mom and dad the child has more of a chance to learn and grow. As a child explores their surroundings they need the support from both parents. When exploring and experimenting, children need a male influence to reinsure themselves. The male presence also plays a big role when developing motor skills. Unlike most mothers, fathers are usually more “rough” with their child and are physical with them. Such as tossing the child in the air or pushing them done a slide. On the other hand, mothers are the reinsurance in love and care that children need. Although playing with dad might be fun, every now and again the child will end up getting hurt. And the mother is called on to take care of the child. Quite often when children are young, they will first look for a reaction from the people around them to figure out how they should react. And when a child sees his mothers reaction he is more likely to copy her. A mother is also there to nurture the child in self-care such as bathing and keeping objects organized. Mothers and fathers play huge roles in a child’s life. The mothers show the child how to have patients, love, and how...

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