Introduction to Computers by Peter Norton 6e

Topics: Cathode ray tube, Inkjet printer, Personal computer Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Seeing, Hearing, and Printing Data
1. This type of monitor is common on desktop computers. It looks much like a standard television. A) cathode-ray tube B) flat-panel C) monochrome D) projector 2. Monitors use various intensities of __________ colors to generate the rainbow. A) 16 B) 16 million C) three D) four 3. The __________ helps to align the electron guns. A) pixel B) shadow mask C) resolution D) refresh 4. LCD monitors often have a smaller __________ than CRT monitors. A) refresh rate B) viewing angle C) color depth D) price 5. The __________ monitor is similar to the LCD monitor, but has a phosphorescent film between the layers. A) Electro luminescent displays (ELD) B) Plasma displays C) Paper-white displays D) thin-film transistor 6. This specification of a monitor describes the usable portion of the screen. A) refresh rate B) resolution C) dot-pitch D) viewable area

7. To minimize eyestrain, you should adjust your monitor to a __________ degree angle. A) 5 B) 10 C) 15 D) 90 8. Newer projectors utilize __________ to achieve clearer and brighter images. A) mirrors B) thin-film transistors C) digital light processing D) cathode ray tubes 9. The most complicated part of your computer’s sound system is the __________. A) speaker B) microphone C) headset D) sound card 10. The __________ contains speakers and a microphone on a headband. A) speaker B) microphone C) headset D) sound card

1. Dot matrix and band printers are __________ printers. A) laser B) impact C) ink jet D) thermal 2. Which of the following measures the speed of dot-matrix printers? A) ppm B) dpi C) cps D) lpm 3. Printers use __________ colors to generate the rainbow. A) 3 B) 4 C) 8 D) 16 4. In a laser printer, the __________ transfers the image to the paper. A) laser B) roller C) toner D) drum 5. Home offices often purchase __________ to solve printing and scanning needs. A) all-in-one peripherals B) photocopiers C) ink-jet printers D) scanners 6. For a home user that has casual...
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